01 December 2010

Japan Street Food Tour ~ Nishiki Market - Kyoto

Nishiki Market in Kytoto blows our minds... Warning: this post is a 15mb bandwidth hog with nearly 200 photos...

Nishiki Market in is an amazing centuries old food market in central Kyoto. It is a must for any travelling foodie in Japan. It is one long narrow covered lane with a hundred odd little shops selling fresh and cooked foods, seafood, veggies, sweets, pickles, everything.

We went nuts with the camera, we'll let the photos do the talking...

Salted vegetables (radish, mustards) in barrels.

Two different types of pickled cucumber, we had the one above as an izakaya snack.

Sweet fish snacks

Packets of shaved bonito flakes

More pickles than Peter Piper could pick.

Very fresh seafood

These fish look like they have gotten drunk on a little bottle of sake and are singing a little drunken song...

This is crunchy fish spine - it was fantastically tasty, perfect with a Kirin.

Just had to try octopus on a stick.

Different types of rice sprinkle. When you just have a bowl of rice to gussy up, this stuff works a treat.

The most beautiful little sweets.

We couldn't resist these ladies.

The biggest mound of fresh edamame you'll ever see.

Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads, eat them up, yum...

Fresh seaweed.

Tea shops with in house smoking and personal blends.

So cute!

Sardine sprinkles.

Beautiful boxed quail eggs.

These large mushrooms were in season and were everywhere.

Sake bottles, 500 yen on special.

My dream sake store.

Beautiful sweetie gift packaging.

I really like the felt fish in this display.

Fish roe

Great big squiddy fun

Fresh wasabi

Lovely bright orange carrots

Cup o' fried stuff


Dried squiddies

Beautiful purple pickles

Eggplants pre marinated in miso, ready to grill.

Grilled green tea mochi - incredible!

Sweet mochi on a stick

Lovely sea snails


Hammo fish and italian flavoured squid on sticks

The best bits of the crab ready to go - a much better price than at the famous crab places on Dotonburi

Fresh shellfish shucked on the spot. Drool.

We notice the fresh seafood shucker has a restaurant, we just have to go in, we'll cover than in the next post :-)


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