18 January 2012

Thai Thai Thai ~ Market City Food Court - Chinatown

In our mission to eat at every food court stall in Chinatown it's the Thai joints that have given us the most unexpected pleasure. 'Thai Thai Thai' in Market City turns out to be another winner with a few Thai street food classics that we didn't expect to find.

We've noticed this joint gets a few Thai customers which is always a good sign. We asked the boss dude if they're related to the excellent "Thai Thai" in Redfern. "No" he says with a hearty laugh "we are three Thais." So there you have it: Thai Thai Thai is one Thai better than Thai Thai. And a Thai guy told us, so it must be true.

In Thai Thai Thai's bain-marie of delights we are double happy to find a couple of favourite dishes. Remember the bain-marie can be your friend, much street food across Asia is precooked and served out of trays and pots.

$8.90 for two choices on rice. Sweet, gorgeous pork leg stew and kae pa lo - pork belly, boiled egg and tofu. The tofu puffs soak in the sauce and explode in your mouth with flavour, similar in sensation to sucking coffee through a Tim Tam. Pork'n'egg is a favourite dish of ours that is quite hard to find.

Another $8.90 bainmarie motherlode - pad cha fish (fishy pieces covered in sweet spicy paste) and chili basil eggplant.

The boat noodle soup wasn't the best, lacked that sweet beefy base note. $9.90.

Narm pik pla-tu - $12.90. A very SouthEast Asian style grilled fish, like a big sardine. Served with a fiery dipping sauce, veggies and the most yummy fried eggplant chips.

Larb ga - spicy chicken mince - $9.50. We made the mistake of asking for just a little bit spicy and got 'Aussie spicy'. We'll go full throttle next time.

Pandan iced tea and long drink, complete with a pandan leaf and chunks of longan fruit. Chinese friends have told us that Longan is excellent for cooling the body on a hot day.

Purdy lanterns for Chinese New Year at Market City.

Thai Thai Thai is at Market City Food Court, top level at Market City Shopping Centre, above Paddy's Markets, Chinatown. It's the first joint on your left as you walk in, unless you're walking backwards.

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  1. The bainmarie motherlode sounds so good! esp with the sweet spicy paste. Spiciness always makes everything taste so much better :)


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