13 January 2012

I Heart Taiwan ~ Taiwanese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

On our recent trip to China, Hong Kong and Singapore we were intrigued by the immense popularity of Taiwanese cuisine everywhere we went. We returned home eager to eat more Taiwanese, starting with I Heart Taiwan in the Dixon Street Mall, Chinatown. [CLOSED]

I Heart Taiwan is a dark, calm and comfy hideway from the hullabaloo of the Dixon Street Mall. The staff are friendly and welcoming and best of all....

Touch screen ordering, yay! The mains are good value at around $13 but check the combo screen for better value meal deals. Also the snacks, noodle and rice dishes are great value.

The lighting was tough so the photos came out crap. Clockwise we have a side of cold eggplant (eggplant is always divine), beef with orange peel, grilled beans, three cup chicken (sauce is cup of rice wine, one cup of sesame oil, and one cup soy sauce),  pork and soybean paste on noodles and beef noodle soup. Our favourites were the grilled beans and the three cup chicken (make sure you get the super garlicy\basil infused oil at the bottom).

I Heart Taiwan Taiwanese Cuisine is at 52 Dixon Street Harymarket, phone 9212 220. It's up the top end of Dixon Street Mall.

I Heart Taiwan has some desserts but instead we head a couple of doors up for the legendary Meet Fresh, big bowls of Taiwanese sweeties for around $5, mind the queues.


  1. one CUP of sesame oil = wow, that's a lot. I like the sound of the eggplant and also the beef with orange peel sounds interesting. Cute name for the restaurant too.

  2. Ohh i've always walked past this place and been curious if it was good or not. Cold eggplant is one of fav :)

  3. Good to see Formosan cuisine is making an appearance on our diverse dining repertoire. Last time I was in Chinatown I was so impressed with the offerings from "Meet Fresh" that after I ate one large desert, I immediately ordered another large desert, !

    As someone who is off to Hong Kong for three weeks in April, I am looking forward to your yet unpublished China blog. As in your previous HK blog, I also plan to visit Tim Ho Wan (Michelin one starred restaurant), Woosung Street Temporary Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar, Bowrington Road Market Cooked Food Centre and others.

  4. Never seen the bowl of sago from Meet Fresh! What is it called?

  5. The sago dish was a counter special, not sure what it was called - it was laden with coconut and mango (tinned), delicously lardy :-)

  6. Three cup chicken is a Taiwanese specialty. Don't worry - it just means equal parts of the 'sauces' (equal part soy, sesame oil and wine) not a metric cup of each!

  7. Looking fwd to your China/ HK/ Singaporean posts (please say you are writing a comprehensive report!!!) Next destination Taiwan? :) The thing we miss the most about Taiwan is the 700cc servings of pearl milk tea, which cost around $AU1 and were available everywhere. Probably the reason we'll get diabetes in a couple of years' time!

  8. Yum the Meet Fresh desserts look great, will have to try but always long queue in the evenings. As for the one cup sesame oil, and one cup soy sauce - I love my salty food so bring it on! :)


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