02 February 2012

Kura Japanese Dining ~ Chinatown

We've been meaning to try Kura Japanese Dining in Chinatown for a couple of years now but it's always so busy and so full that we've always headed for easier options. Doh!

Kura is tiny, with room for maybe a dozen punters. It's often packed at lunchtime, but lately we've found it fairly easy to  snag a couple of seats at night, perhaps because they've opened a new venue upstairs. Incredibly, there's up to seven staff in the tiny kitchen behind the counter. The service is  Japanese uber polite and singsong chirpy wonderful, this joint really takes us back to our beloved Japan.

The menu is varied with a range of sushi, sashimi, udon soups and dons (rice bowls). The food was pretty good, not mind-blowing good, but good simple food at good prices. Which is much better than the simple food at high prices we've had at some Japanese joints lately, such as Sake and Izakaya Fujiyama (my god the sake was good though, and we have a soft spot for a Yebisu Black).

Chirashi deluxe - sashimi on rice - $13.90

 Beef tongue curry $10.50. The beef tongue was like thin slices of cured meat, with a kind of bacon-y/beefy flavour.

Tsukune (home made chicken balls) & egg don - $9.20

Mackerel set  - $10.90. Highly recommended.

Some menu items marked 'side dish': this means you can order one of four cheap little side dishes, such as salmon sashimi - $5.50.

Another side dish - plain udon soup - $3.50.

And how could we resist taikaya & ice cream - $6.50 - warm fish shaped waffles with a red bean filling and a tub of green tea ice cream on the side.

Salmon salad with orange dressing on the side - $7.20

Oyakodon - simmered chicken (or pork or beef) & egg on rice - $9.30;

Agedashi tofu $5.50.

Gyudon - slithers of beef simmered in Japanese soy, minin, cooking sake and ginger on rice  - $8.90


A quick healthy pitstop - salmon churashi ($10.90) - salmon sashimi on sushi rice with ginger, wasabi and miso soup on the side. Fantastic.

Tofu don - $7.50. Soft tofu fried just enough to have a little crispiness on the outside while still soft inside. Cooked in a sweet sauce to give it some oomf, balanced nicely with ginger and fresh spinach leaves. Healthy while still slightly naughty, a new favourite.

Most dishes come with a most yummy, cloudy miso soup.

Kura Japanese Dining is at Shop 3, 76 Ultimo Rd Haymarket. There's a new offshoot, KuraKura just opened upstairs. It's on the to-do list.

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  1. Those fish dessert thingys are so cute! Love Kura for a quick, cheap feed :)

  2. Awesome pics guys! I'm hungry for a don all of a sudden.

  3. I was just looking at the Taiyaki on the menu last weekend! It took me back to Japan as well (oh how I love it) - am planning to eat there asap as well as the upstairs one too! p.s I have been loving all the posts on Japan and China :)

  4. So that what those fish moulds of ours are for...

  5. You should check out Don Don on Oxford St (near Crown St) in Darlinghurst - similarly cheap, and great quality. Lots of don dishes (obviously) but other things too.

  6. Went to KuraKura on Tuesday, most amazing Hoddaiko Udon, made with cream and a googie egg yolk oh my god I just drooled on my keyboard

  7. Oh Lola I think I just drooled as well. We'll have to get upstairs quick smart.

  8. I love this place. Very nice food at decent prices! Had been going there for ages

  9. This was the udon I was talking about!

    Also found this place yesterday you guys might like - Y M House on Bathurst Street, they do pick'n'mix noodle soups, baked rice and the most amazing Asian desserts.

  10. That is not Oyaki-don but Oyako-don, which means parent & child rice bowl used for the only case of chicken and egg.
    If the chicken is replaced with pork (or beef), it is called Tanin-don, literally not-relative rice bowl.
    Clockwise 3rd seem different from Japanese mackerel and the 4th does not look Tsukune, minced meat.
    Lower ones are Taiyaki, literally baked sea bream and Gyuu-don, literally beef rice bowl.
    The bottom is maccya ice cream though it is not green?


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