14 February 2012

Valentine's Romance at Michael's Malaysian & Chinese Restaurant ~ Chippendale

Come with us for a romantic fluro-lit Valentine's dinner at the Gogas Petrol Station on Regent Street.

Pre-dinner amber cocktails at the The Gladstone Hotel on Regent Street.  A good old inner city grungy pub is hard to find these days, this one is a ripper. Love is in the air. Or is it stale beer?

After three schooners and a romantic stroll across Regent Street we arrive at Michael's Malaysian & Chinese Restaurant, that lovely bistro adjoining the Gogas Petrol Station. No bookings.

Michael's is a legendary taxi driver's haunt. Shawn first came here in the 1990's and has been obsessed with the place ever since.

Much of the action is in the bainmarie at the counter.

Romance is three dishes on rice for $9.

The Malaysian style dishes from the bainmarie are pretty good, homely and fresh. We go for ikan bilis, chicken curry and green beans.

The dude reckons the crispy chicken on rice is the best feed in the house so we give it a try. It's good, really good. $9.

Help yourself to extra fixins.

The menu  has grown over the years and covers most of the walls, here's part of it.

Michael's Malaysian & Chinese Restaurant is at 70 Regent Street Chippendale. Highly recommended for a pre or post pub feed, or a pretentiously ironic Valentine's dinner. It's halal and adjoining a servo, so don't bring an ironic bottle of wine.

For more Valentine's romance do the mouse clickety thing here.

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  1. Your Valentines Dat posts are my favourite.

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  3. I really enjoy your history snippets edf - I can almost picture 1967 Regent Street in my head :-)

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  5. I've driven past this place for years and always wondered what it was like. Looks delicious!

    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

  6. OMG - thanks for the insight into this place! I go past it all the time and have mostly been to scared to venture inside. Love the shot of all the cabbies.

  7. Nothing to be scared of - Regent Street is pretty icky at night though. We forgot to mention how nice the serving guy was,m a true gent :-)

  8. Wow, I have always wondered about that place - this is a revelation! Looks just like any random highway pitstop in Malaysia. I'll have to stop in next time I drive past so I can relive those blessed memories of 14 hour cross country bus rides - broken seats, cracked windows, blaring Asian doof doof music, tyre blow outs and the midnight snack stop with the decidedly dodgy but oh-so-welcome bainmarie. :)

    1. You've made me so happy that someone else is obsessed with those Malaysian highway food bard places. Last time we caught a bus in Malaysia it was Ramadan and we missed out :-(

  9. I've been wanting to try this place for ages. I finally did yesterday. What a strange experience. I want to go back and try the laksa and the crispy chicken with tomato rice.


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