26 February 2012

Taiwanese Express Meal ~ Kingsford

Taiwanese Express Meal in Kingsord blipped onto our food-nerd radar after our visits to the wonderful Fajar Indonesian Chinese a couple of doors down. A hangover inspired  noodle soup craving lures us in for Sunday lunch.


Taiwanese Express Meal is your basic hole-in-the-wall student joint, though modern and clean. Google tells us some of the snacks on the menu are Taiwanese street food classics. We particularly enjoyed the rice cakes which went well with their simple style of noodle soups. We must return for sausage-in-a-sausage, and the Taiwanese bento boxes look great too.

Shaken ice black tea - $3. Super strong tea with just the right amount of sugar to cut the bitterness without over-sweetening. Yum.

Taiwanese sticky rice sausage - $3.50, little deep fried parcels of stodgy yum.

House noodle soup - $7. A plain simple broth with a couple of slithers of meat. It seemed overly plain at first but it gained in flavour towards the end, it's funny how noodle soups do that. The noodles had a really nice chew to them.

Taiwanese sausage rice cake - plain in flavour, fried (or steamed) and dusted with salt and white pepper. These are plain in flavour but somehow just right. An excellent partner to the plain soups. We think these are made with blood and rice, whatever they are they taste great.

Deep fried pork chop noodle soup - $9.50. A perfect Sunday hangover feed: the penultimate mix of deep fried greasy goodness and soupy rehydration. Like the house soup above, the broth is plain but gets nice towards the bottom of the bowl. Lovely chewy noodles.


The stewed chicken leg (about $12) wasn't exciting like the braised chicken I (Shawn) had at Oden House last week. The pork mince and the cooked bean sprouts were the best part. Reckon I just ordered the wrong thing on a dead Monday afternoon. Will be back...

Taiwanese Express Meal is at 396 Anzac Parade Kingsford. Phone 02 9662 7772


  1. The Taiwanese sticky rice sausages looks really crunchy! Love to check out this Taiwanese place for when I'm at Kingsford.

    1. The cubes of rice were really crunchy, one of the best parts. You can order then fried or steamed, fried seemed much better (isn't it always?)

  2. Mmm, blood and rice :) Next time you're in the city, try out Ipoh on York (basement of 89 York Street) - brought us back to memories of our recent Malaysian trip.

    1. oooh thanks flapflap love recommendations. We are going to start on CBD food courts when we get a chance. I miss working in the city.

  3. Looks a great place to try; I love sticky rice sausages and I'm almost 99% certain to order a fried pork chop dish of some description at a Taiwanese eatery.


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