28 February 2012

Mrs Chan's by Crocodile Senior ~ Thai at Charlie Chan's pub - Chinatown

A few years ago Charlie Chan's pub was transformed from a pokie hellhole with a wino's bottle shop, to a modern and fairly swish pub, popular with office workies and Asian hipsters.  Mrs Chan's bistro out the back is run by the popular Crocodile Senior folks, and attracts more than a few Thai customers. We finally get around to giving it a try.


Crocodile Senior's menu covers the Aussie Thai standards but also has a great range of street foodie goodies. Our favourites were the the little soups and snack dishes, which were mostly around the $5 mark. The Sukathai noodle soup was a particular fave, and the boat noodle soup was pretty dang good too. The larger dishes were good but it's the little snacky fellas we'll be back for. A couple of these little dishes and a $3 happy hour schooner make for a very pleasant pitstop.

Left to right:
  • $3 Happy hour schooners plus the traditional Thai condiment set = very happy
  • Pork skin crackers - grab a bag for about $2 and munch with your beers
  • Sukathai noodle soup - $4.90 - fish balls and slices in a green chili flavoured spicy broth
  • Boat noodle soup - $4.90
  • Deng Deng Balls - fish balls and green chilli paste - fiery little numbers
  • Tom yum dry noodles - $4.90 - mix through the tom yum flavour hidden at the bottom of the bowl
  • Long Talay Noodle - $12.90 - mussels, prawns and fish with a chili sauce and egg noodles on the side
  • Crispy pork larb - $12.90 - large hunks of tooth breaking pork belly, bigger bits than your usual larb mince size and a fresh dressed salad
  • BBQ Pork on Rice - $11.20 - a daily special, the usual BBQ pork style and a little bit of roast belly with a little sweet sauce for flavour


In for a quick pre-gig feed.  It's full of Thai folks which is all you need to know about the quality of the food. It's $3 schooners and half price cocktails during happy hour (6-9 Thursday & Friday nights).

  • Boat noodle soup - we just gotta...
  • Red curry with pork - it lacks street cred but it's yum
  • Gravy noodle - lovely wok-smokey flat noodles in a thick gravy that thins out into a soup as you get to the bottom of the bowl, an excellent, simple, beer soaker
  • BBQ pork noodles - Chinese style bbq pork on top of egg noodles coated in a gooey sweet bbq sauce, awesome.
This place is such an uncelebrated little gem.  If the idea of some Thai street food in a pub environment sounds good to you then you are going to love it.

Mrs Chans Kitchen \ Crocodile Snr Thai is at 631 - 635 George St, Chinatown, also accessible from Sussex Street. Thursday and Friday happy hour beer special from 6 to 8pm of $3 Tooheys Old or Tooheys New (mix together to make a Tooheys Now).

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  1. Dude, can I just say you are the best blogger for cheap eats in town! Keep up the eating and blogging!

  2. Pork skin crackers... so wrong, yet so right!!

  3. im secretly a big fan of charlie chans. I like your name for tooheys old + new, I may have to use it, i've always known it as 50/50.


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