05 December 2013

Emperors Garden BBQ & Noodles ~ Chinese - Haymarket

We finally visit an old Chinatown favourite with a camera. Dinner with family and some favourite roasted meat goodness make a wonderful combination.

Emperor's Garden BBQ Noodles is the old school Hong Kong style of Chinese restaurant we love so dearly. Inside is decor schmecor, plain and simple but with plenty of room to swing a chopstick. There's a touch of formality to the dagginess: waiters in white shirts, a small wine list, which makes this joint a pleasant yet casual spot where we've often ended  up with visitors and family over the years. It's a special kind of place.

Half a roast duck for $26 is a pretty good deal, there's enough flesh for four of us.  it's pretty good duck too.

Roast Pork - $16. Piles of roasted pig flesh, tender bits and crispy skin too.

Stir fried spinach with garlic - about $13. A good mound of kangkong, perfect as a balance to all the roasted meats.

Cantonese fried rice - about $10. Good, plain simple ole fried rice - goes well with bbq too.

The restaurant is great but most of the business is done out the front window.  Line up with the old Chinese aunties and uncles for half a bbq duck and some pancakes. Grab some shallots, cucumber and hoi sin sauce at the old Chinese grocer on the corner, and you've got yourself DIY Peking duck pancakes, always a party pleaser.

Emperor's Garden BBQ & Noodles is at 215 Thomas Street, Haymarket / Chinatown.

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  1. I picked up a duck and a quail on Tuesday afternoon before flying home. Yummy!!!! Steve loved the quail in his lunch box the next day...definately not typical builders food.


    1. A quail in a lunchbox - now that's love!

    2. Love or a bribe for holding the fort while I was in Sydney gallivanting with the two of you and Seam....oh and doing exam marking.

  2. Roasted duck look delish... will check them out soon!


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