21 August 2014

Viu Va Say ~ Vietnamese - Newtown

Mention eating anything fusion and we would normally run a mile away. But the banh mi rolls at Vui Va Say retain a good amount of their banh mi essence despite the fusion label. Get a little pork rock n roll.

Vui Va Say seemed to take some time to find it's feet. A bar at night time, it appeared to be struggling a little after it replaced Jester Seeds in the small bar scene. Soon a lunch time cart appeared at the front of the store and the queues started forming for their banh mi rolls, steamed rice rolls and salad bowls.

Fusion food is something that can fill our hearts with dread, we've tasted too many bad takes on mixing food of country x with country y. The rolls here though aren't really a fusion of cultures, more an upping of the quality of the contents. They also keep the price down to a reasonable lunch time spend, gotta be happy with that.

Stewed beef roll $6. Filled with a pile of stewed beef, not too dissimilar to bò kho, this is a hearty meaty roll.

Pulled pork roll $6. There's a limited number of these made a day due to the finite amount of fragrant pulled pork they make. The smell of the pork is lemongrassy and sugary sweet.

Pulled pork salad bowl $7. Same ingredients as the roll but in a vermicelli filled bowl. If you want something less filling this version is a great option.

If you eat your roll in the grounds of the Campus Village (just off Campbell Street behind the restaurants), look for this great hand drawn map of King Street near the SUV office which tells you where to eat and shop.

At night and sometimes lunch they serve different dishes of pho and pork chops on rice, as well as the cocktails and drinks they started off with at the beginning.

Vui Va Say is at 127 King Street, Sydney. You'll smell the lemongrass pork wafting out as you walk along King Street. Red socks optional.

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