05 August 2014

Yummy Kitchen ~ Northern Chinese - Pittsway Arcade Foodcourt - City

Pittsway Arcade fills a long empty stall with some Northern Chinese Yummy Kitchen handmade noodles and dumplings.

Yes, we know, we always say the staff are lovely wherever we go, but at Yummy Kitchen folks are extra amazingly wonderful, it's worth going to say hello to the ladies at the counter. The food is Northern in style. There's no pork, we're not sure if it's halal or not and there are no signs.

Auntie Yummy makes the noodle by hand so the noodles are a definite winner here.

Lamb soup with handmade noodles - $10.80. There's big hunks of lamb on the bone, this is caveman food.

Shanghai Stir Fried noodles - $8.50. Fried handmade noodles are always a winner. If you're lucky you'll get to see auntie making them, she has a grin the size of a football.

Beijing style soy paste noodles, or 炸酱面 zhá jiàng miàn, $8.50. We couldn't tell what meat was used to flavour the sauce, it is quite a salty topping. Good though not our favourite Chinese skeddi.

Pot stickers - $9.80. Pan fried dumplings with crispy bottoms.

Mushroom noodle soup - around $8.50. Three or four different types of mushroom with handmade noodles in a big bowl of soy salty chicken broth. The lovely counter lady asked if Mr Shawn is vegetarian and offered a choice of chicken or vege stock - a nice touch.

Shangai style cold tender chicken with soy sauce - $8.50. Poached chicken with a dinky dunky sauce of soy, ginger and shallot, plus plain rice and soup on the side.

There is a bain marie of love with a number of dishes on offer, 2 for $7 or 3 for $8. One of our favourite comfort dishes, egg and tomato and a good spoonful of Mapo tofu, complete with tiny bits of szechuan pepper crunch. Mmmmm brown food, so hard to make pretty.

Fried potato, green pepper and eggplant with rice - $8.50. A killer veggie dish, fried eggplant is always amazing, but you don't want a whole dish of it to yourself. This dish spreads out that oily umami eggplant joy with capsicum, potato and a little bamboo. It's got a nice salty garlicy kick to it.

Sauteed spicy chicken with handmade noodle - $11.80. This is Mr Shawn's favourite dish so far. Lovely flat noodles handmade to order by Auntie Yummy, in a thin brown broth with notes of vinegar, the odd hit five spice and a nice medium chili hit, with chunks of chook on the bone on top. A huge feed.

Yummy Kitchen is open 6 days a week and until 5.00pm on weekdays (closed on Sunday). On a Saturday only a handful of stalls are open in Pittsway so it is easy to get a  seat and not so frantic.

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  1. Great noodles, and super-nice dudes, as you say.

  2. walked past there so many times and had no idea there was a food court inside. will definitely check this out one day during my lunch break :)

    1. Make sure you go early as this food court can get super busy. Earlier or later is better.


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