05 February 2015

Mr Bing ~ Chinese and Taiwanese style jianbing - Chippendale

Is it a pancake? Is it an omelette?  Is it a wrap? No, its a jianbing, a classic Chinese and Taiwanese street food made fresh to order.

Mr Bing Gourmet Wrapz serves their version of these Chinese street food favourites through an open window at the side of a youth hostel along City Road. It's a true hole-in-the wall set up. The logo for Mr Bing makes him look a little like a vampire chef.

The board out the front outlines the most popular selections.

There's a more extensive menu on the outside window, with a comprehensive description of each pancake's innards. Choose from Mr Bing (traditional Chinese which must include Spam), Chookie Run (chicken), Moo the Cow (beef with relish, mayo and pickled carrots), Miss Kim (Korea BBQ pork) or the ABT (traditonal Taiwanese complete with pork floss, or ham and cheese). There's fresh made iced tea available as well.

Jianbing are made on a flat circular hotplate. Seeing one of these at the front of a store is a good indication that the 'bing are cooked to order. The batter is spread in a circular motion, incorporating an egg loosely into the mix so the whites and yolk are swirled in and still visible in the finished version. The additional flavours are then added on top before the pancake is rolled off.

The finished product shows the green onion (shallot or scallions, depending on where you are) mixed into the batter and the colours of the mixed in egg.

They're a generous portion in the bigger $8.90 versions, this one is a 'Chinese' with a bread stick and spam inside. A classic street food filling.

The Taiwanese version ($5.90) is chock full of pork floss and crushed savoury crackers that make it a crunch fest. Pork floss is a salty and slightly sweet flavour, with the addition of mayonnaise adding some glue to help hold it all in. These babies ain't oil free, the mayo added a few extra calories.

Mr Bing Gourmet Wrapz is at 20 City Road, through the little window next to Coopers Lodge. Find them on Facebook here.


  1. Thanks for this. Just tried the Miss Kim. Real tasty.

  2. Looks like Asian "wraps" are the next big thing! Rotikon, which you reviewed the other week, is a bit like a wrap, and I noticed a new place opened up in The Quay on Quay St / Thomas St is some sort of Malaysian wrap type place. Didn't try it as was heading to Daruma for dinner/drinks.

    1. It does seem like an easy lunch snack option, I"ve got that Malay place in my sites as well. Hope you loved Daruma, we had way too much beer and sake last time we went.

    2. Yes, been to Daruma a few times (thanks to your review) and love it. Lots of fun, great food (eg salmon roe udon - luscious), and too much beer and sake!

  3. Awesome street food, esp with spam! Jian means pan-fried and bing means biscuit/pancake =D



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