21 December 2018

Toko H20 ~ Indonesian Grocery Store - Sydney CBD

If there's an award for the one supermarket we've frequented the most this year, the gong has to go to Toko H2O. This Indonesian shop has sustained us with snacks, emergency groceries and quick dinners and lunches all year.

Toko H20 is a mix of convenience store, grocery supplies, travel agent and phone sales office. It's a hub for Indonesians in Sydney for business and food essentials.

Pop Mie, Pop Mie, Pop Mie! This is the one food we saw the most when travelling on trains in Indonesia, so seeing this selection brings back memories.

In terms of snacks, it can't be beat. Cassava chips, Mamee, Mi Goreng flavoured Chitatos, tempe crisps, every form of fried goodness.

Sweet biscuits get some shelf space, savoury crackers, teas, three-in-one coffees, spice mixes, fried shallots, vinegars and kecap manis.

Occasionally they get a few extra special groceries, like the salted egg flavoured potato crisps or mi goreng. They only get a handful of each on special order, they ain't cheap and they go fast.

This is our kind of treasure, stacks of home cooked goodness. This is the real heart of the store, savoury and sweet ready to go meals. Curries, nasi campur, crisp peanut wafers, ayam balado, lontong, ikan bilis, spiced peanuts and sweet coconut desserts.

A selection of the goodness we've tried: bakwan, deep fried onion fritters with a serve of chilli sauce.

A ready to go packet of nasi campur, perfect for lunch al-desko.

Unboxed, ready to go.

Chicken pieces with fried egg and strips of crisp cucumber.

Our absolute favourite is the ayam balado, fried pieces of chicken in a sticky chilli sauce. A box of this sets you back about $10 and it feeds two with rice and some extra sayur or salad for a quick dinner.

Fried and spiced chicken giblets. These are little nuggets of chicken goodness, often overlooked but greatly tasty. Add extra chilli sauce for more heat.

Toko H20 is at 303 Castlereagh St, Haymarket, right around the corner from Thainatown.

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