20 December 2018

The Momos Hub ~ Nepalese - Chippendale

Nepalese momos as you like - fried, steamed, soupy, chilli - at The Momos Hub in Chippendale.

Nepalese restaurants are not in abundance in the CBD. Setting out to change this , The Momos Hub has set up shop along the busy connector of Regent Street near Central Station to deliver these cousins to xiao long bao to manti and ravioli, the filling wrapped in pastry specialties found all along the old trade routes across Asia to Europe.

And how do you want your momo, let me count the ways. This version is a half naughty /half healthy Kothey, slightly pan fried momo. The chicken filling had a small amount of chilli heat but nothing too alarming. You can also choose from sandheko (marinated), chilli, steam or deep fried.

The  Jhol (soupy) version hits our happy button. The momos are swamped in the same tomato dipping sauce served with the other versions, so you get a warm bowl of pastry wrapped goodies in a tangy sauce, more like a thick gravy than a soup. $13.90.

There's a range of snacky fried dishes on the menu, like aloo chop. Potato rissoles are given a red spiced hue and served with a sweet tamarind chutney and yoghurt.

Samosa Chat is a ripped apart samosa covered in chopped tomato, red onion, and fried vermicelli noodles, a simple street style plate of fried and fresh goodness. The crunch of the noodles and the fried bits of samosa with the fresh chopped salad is textural, noisy and satisfying.

We love soup at every opportunity, and the Nepalese thupka is one we are keen to try more of.  Spaghetti like wheat noodles are mixed with a thick gravy like broth, flavoured with garlic, tomato, small chopped vegetables and small pieces of meat. It's not a heavy soup but works as a solo meal.

Refreshing breath sweets, fennel seeds and little brains.

Momo menu selections

There's some regular cafe choices as well.

The Momos Hub is at Shop 2, 12-26 Regent Street, Chippendale. 

The Momos Hub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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