26 April 2019

Northeastern Chinese Cuisine ~ Wentworth Point

New Sydney suburbs are popping up all over, which brings new eating adventures. We find a favourite Northeastern Chinese Cuisine nestled in among the spanking new high rises.

We take a wander to see whats on the otherside of Bennelong Bridge.

We find the gleaming insta-suburb of Wentworth Point. It's sort of like Rhodes but with very few cars, calm and quiet. There's a handful of little restaurants scattered around plus there's more in the shopping centre. The area reminds us of super new developments we've seen in Japan, Manila and even a little in Paris, we could be anywhere, Airspace they call it.

Northeastern Chinese Cuisine takes our fancy. It's a little hidden off the road near the start/end of the bridge, and makes a nice little hidey place to sit.

Cumin chicken kidney - $4.80. Excitement plus. The chicken kidney isn't big on flavour but has a lovely firm texture. It's given a zing with slightly cooked onions and a good whack of cumin spice.

Special YouPo Noodle - $11.80. Same same biang biang - lovely handmade noodles in garlic and oil. So simple yet sensational.

Sichuan dan dan noodle soup - $11.80. Every dan dan noodle is different. This one has a more clear broth, and a super seasoned salty pork mince to mix through as you please into the soup or a little with each bite of noodle.

Chinese lamb (or beef) pie - $12.80. These are a popular order, stodgy yet delicately cooked with a lovely crisp outer, and just enough lamb to to flavour the hunky pastry.

Northeastern Chinese Cuisine is at Shop 1. 18 Footbridge Boulevarde, Wentworth Point.

Northeastern Family Chinese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We plod back over the footbridge from Wentworth Point to Rhodes. On the Rhodes side there's a handful of B-Kyu joints to try, and a dinky looking cafe overlooking the water. We are so excited we just can't hide it.

This post was brought to one of our scatty pussycat buddies of Enmore.

And his orange buddy around the corner.

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