17 April 2019

La Fiesta ~ Basque / New Caledonian - Noumea

One of Mr Shawn's all-time top three feeds...

La Fiesta has become our favourite restaurant on Noumea's beachside Baie des Citrons bar & restaurant strip. It may not look flash but on both our visits we've had some eye-poppingly good feeds. The menu is a mix of Basque, Spanish and New Caledonian, as well as some some seriously good looking pizza.

On a sunny day sitting on the terrace with a bevvy is a little bit of magic. Inside at night it gets a good pub vibe.

La Fiesta specials menu.

Axoa d'esepelette - 2.300F. Minced veal stewed with cured ham. A homely Basque specialty.

Taloa au jambon cru et a l'etorki - 2,250F. Taloa is a Basque a corn tortilla. Gotta try that. The tortilla is cooked until super crisp on the outside, the pieces crack off around the softer filling inside. The filling is a mix of cured ham and red onions and cheese, all making a super filling meal.

This taloa is filled with ham and cheese. Yay, looks like a giant clam filled with pizza.

Spaghetti carbonara - 2,150F. Done proper-like and served with pretty egg yolk on top. Grated parmesan cheese on the side to mix through.

Confit leg of lamb with onion compote - 2,100F. Really well cooked lamb leg in a tomato and onion sauce. The green beans had a touch of herbs and garlic and the fries mean there's extra salt and dunkability. We love how you can choose your sides with your meals so you can mix up healthy and naughty every time.

Beef fillet with confit potatoes and house foie gras sauce - 3,950 F.  This is the the best steak Mr Shawn has ever had, in fact it's one of the top three dishes he's had, though he is ashamed to admit that all in the top three contain foie gras. Sorry ducks. The beef was out of this world, cooked mooing rare, with a much more nuanced beefy flavour than any steak we've ever had. And the sauce, oh my god the sauce. Foie gras sauce is just so beautifully rich and fatty, we think they just throw it in a pan and add cream.

The other dishes in Mr Shawn's top three are the beef cheeks in foie gras sauce at Au P'tit Cafe, also in Noumea, and tartine with apple and foie gras at La Chope Daguerre in Paris.

La Fiesta is at 5 Promenade Roger Laroque, Noumea. Friendface. Tripadvisor.  There is also a Basque club in Noumea which we hope to try on our next visit, see them on Friendface.

The main drag along the Anse Vata waterfront was closed on a Sunday to traffic to encourage folks to ride bikes and windskate. We like it.

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