20 June 2019

Khao Neow Thai Street Food - Thainatown

In this latest gripping episode of B-Kyu, we get hooked on Khao Neow Thai Street Food, a Thai takeaway where all the goodies are pre-made, pre-packed and pre-tty delicious.

Ho's Dim Sim Kitchen seems an unlikely spot for a Thai takeaway stall, but recently they've given up some of their eat in space for a mini shop within a shop, Khao Neow Thai Street Food. With a couple of the Thainatown grocery stores closing in the last year, there have been less places to get ready-to-go homestyle Thai meals, which seems a shame. 

Every meal for sale on the stall is already cooked and ready to heat and eat. Prepackaged with necessary sauces, a side of rice or a baggie of soup, they make well priced and damn tasty lunch alternatives. There's a manufactured date on each package so you know when it was cooked and a description in Thai and English.

This stir fried bitter gourd with scrambled eggs was a large serve without rice for $7, and there are small packets of sticky or plain white rice for sale for an extra dollar. 

I failed to get a topless shot of this very delicious chicken larb with chilli and a fried egg, served with steamed white rice. Needless to say when put into a bowl and heated, there were oohs and aahs from work colleagues over the delicious smell. Gotta love some work lunch jealousy.

This spicy and sour soup with chicken and young tamarind leaf ($6.50) was not a winner in the beauty stakes.

Once de-packed and heated, it sure was a winner in the flavour stakes. There was a surprising amount of chili heat in here, there's no skimping on fire.

Rice noodles with fish curry sauce sounded suspiciously like a version of kanom jeen. The sauce is served in it's own seperate packet so you can assemble later and keep all the bean sprouts and cabbage shred crisp.

The packet innards.

Serving suggestion, sauce and noodles heated together, then the beans and cabbage added just before serving. There was a small amount of chopped pickled mustard as well.

Hard to choose the right lunch - there are noodles, stir fries, cooked fish, rice packets and sweets to choose from.

Khao Neow Thai Street Food is at 429A Pitt Street, in front of Ho's Dim Sim Kitchen.

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  1. They also have some stuff cooked to order - I got a som tum W/ grilled chicken and sticky rice


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