18 June 2019

La Herradura Coffee Stable ~ Colombian - Chippendale

Just off Broadway along Shepherd St is La Herradura Coffee Stable, a Colombian spot in Chippendale that means arepas, empanadas and hearty meaty soups. Giddy-up.

We've been eyeing off this place for some time, so when a lunch date is on offer we're in. We think the ability to share a single basket of fried plantains is a sign of true friendship, much like sharing a bowl of hot chips. These crisp slices of green  banana starch and a salsa dip always help seal the bond of mutual love of fried stuff. 

Arepas, a fried flat bread made with cornmeal, is a staple of Colombian food. This vegetarian version ($15) is a mix of three styles, sweet corn, cassava and white corn and is served up with salsa (hogao), sour cream and avocado to mix and dip in with the bread. The extra flavours help give the fried bread some serious dance moves.

Chicken stew with potatoes, a knob of corn and a South American herb called parviflora makes a dish called ajiaco ($20). Served alongside is a little dish with capers and sour cream for some salty bits of tang and extra cream. It's a stew with a soft and comforting feel, like putting a fuzzy dressing gown on, pulling on your ugg boots and settling down in front of the heater.

Mondongo ($20), is where our heart lies. Or stomach. Or the lining of the cows stomach, really, as this tripe filled stew is made from that wonderful piece of offal. Chickpeas, potato and specks of smoked meat fill it out further. Like most of the soups/stews here, it is served with rice and avocado and it's up to you whether you eat alongside or tip it all in the bowl and mix together.

La Herradura Coffee Stable is at 6 Shepherd Street, Chippendale. Ph: 02 9281 0460. This as a breakfast and lunch place only, closes about 3.30pm.

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