30 June 2019

L'Annexe ~ New Caledonian, Noumea

L'Annexe is the premier spot for locals who lunch in the Place des Cocotiers in downtown Noumea.

L'Annexe has been a go-to spot for us for grabbing a quick coffee while waiting for a bus, you can sit at the front along the street (it’s not too busy and good for people watching) and enjoy a small salad, croque monsieur and an espresso, or lick contentedly on a gelato, for a reasonable price. As a bonus, you can access the free downtown wi-fi from the cafe here.

Behind the cafe front is a full service restaurant with one of the nicest settings in downtown Noumea (which, we admit, can get a little drab in places). This time around we decide to venture inside.

The outdoor terrace setting overlooking the fishpond in Place des Cocotiers and the back of the Town Hall makes L’Annexe a popular spot for lunch, it’s no wonder making a booking is recommended (but a couple might get away with a walk-in, like we did.)

The wall of clocks is a reminder of the European and international influence, look out for the time in Corsica, Aix en Provence, Istanbul and Bali. 

The daily menu. With Manta and Kronenbourg beers on tap and a glass of rosé to hand, this is a fine spot for a leisurely lunch.

The food is a mix of French and Pacific favourites, from very good composed salad plates to hot dishes. Alison chooses the sashimi du thon, raw tuna sashimi on little skewers on top of slightly pickled shredded cabbage, carrot and green beans. Two little mini zucchini flans accompany the dish.

Shawn takes a punt on what he thinks is fish but turns out to be slow cooked sausages in a tomato sauce. He is sad, we've been eating sausages at home, he really felt like fish and $30 for a sausage stew burns. We have another episode of ordering jealousy on our hands, when one person envies the other persons dish. It's RFO - regretful food ordering.

L'Annexe is the corner of Coconut Plaza park - 9 Rue Anatole France, Noumea.

We learn more on each trip to Noumea. On the way out, disappointed and suffering from the result of RFO, we discovered some great  lunchtime sandwich and bakery joints at the diagonal opposite end of park. Always something for next time.

On the walk home we stopped at the Malongo Cafe in the Le Village complex (once the main courthouse) with a slightly vintage, industrial style design and open terrace to enjoy your coffee or a salad. A selection of cups, mugs and coffeemakers is available for sale and Malongo coffee products.

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