23 December 2019

Dixon House Food Court - Still Standing!

Folks have been calling the end of our beloved Dixon House Foodcourt for as long as we remember, but the end is in sight now as we are told the building is going to be redeveloped, there's only a few short months to enjoy the splendour.

Only four stalls remain but they are beauties, we've been visiting them all in recent weeks.

Phnom Penh Teao Chew Noodle House is still going strong. The boss lady tells us she is staying till the very end of Dixon House, how we love her.

Alison's favourite at Phnom Penh Teao Chew Noodle House is the is the Phnom Penn Noodle Soup, a Cantonese style soup with some bonus blood cubes and offally bits. Shawn goes for the tofu and veggie stir fry when he is sober, otherwise the spicy pork chop in bbq sauce is a sweet, shiny, deep fried pleasure.

Blossoming Lotus does excellent vegan Thai...

Our favourite dish at Blossuming Lotus is the duck salad - crisp deep fried tvp goes really well with fresh salad. An excellent, light lunch that we keep going back for.

Oriental Dumpling King also has it's followers, we usually go for the fried noodles with lamb, Chinese hamburger or...

...the steamed veggie flower dumplings, light and healthy as far as dumplings go. Pretty too.

Won Ton Noodle House is also going gangbusters, these folks have decades of regulars, including a small army of super tops aunties and uncles.

We've eaten at Won Ton Noodle House a zillion times but it was only when we ordered the rice & spare ribs in black bean sauce that we realised how seriously Cantonese the cooking is here. This dish is plain yet funky.

...nor did we know that Won Ton Noodle House did XO sauce stir fried pippies for only fourteen bucks. These are a ripper - the sauce and pippy juices soak into the noodles, it's like a poor folk's mud crab beehoon.

The other joyous surpise at Won Ton Noodle House was the salted fish fried rice.  It's seriously salty-stinky-fishy, it took us by surprise, highly recommended if you like a bit of fumk in your fried rice.

Dixon House Food Court is at 413-415 Sussex St (Cnr Little Hay Street), Chinatown.

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  1. His was my favourite Chinatown food court for a long time. But it never seemed to recover after the gas explosion a few years back. My daughter fell in love with pan fried dumplings at Oriental Dumpling King. Pondok Selera satisfied my wife's cravings for funky fried fish and iincendiary chilli sauce and I've been working my way through the regional stand for many years. I hope I can get a few more visits in before it's gone.


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