23 December 2019

Farewell Ching Yip Coffee Lounge ~ Hong Kong Chinese - Chinatown

The marvelous 1980's Hong Kong timewarp that is Ching Yip Coffee closes on 31st on December 2019. Go there now.

Ching Yip in Chinatown's glorious Dixon House will forever be our favourite Hong Kong cafe in Sydney. They've been going 33 years and still pull a queue at lunch time.

It's not just the 1980s decor we love here, the food and service are pure Hongkers. Up on the fourth floor of Dixon House it almost felt like a secret little club. There was a happy chatty vibe here every time we went, and the cooking was always top notch, the Chinese dishes especially raised our eyebrows. Ching Yip, we will miss  you.

A few pics from our last few visits....

This post was brought to you by Mr Benny J. Seal who resides at the opera house. Rent free.

Mr Abercrombie Charlie was flat out in the pre Christmas rush.

This Newtown Fuzzster takes pats with no appointment.

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  1. You can visit the nearby Kowloon cafe as replacement to this place. Very authentic HK style cafe.


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