05 February 2020

El Manara Lebanese Restaurant ~ Lakemba

Racking up two decades of service in Haldon Street, El Manara Lebanese Restaurant is a quiet, but tasty, achiever. You can bet a pink pickle on it.

We've taken to doing quick shopping runs to Lakemba for our current fixations, Middle Eastern tinned fava beans, bunches of green mint and parsley, large jars of pink pickled turnips, big flat ultra fresh bread and kofta mince by the kilo. In line with our summer eating plan, El Manara Lebanese slots in just spankingly.

Continuing our joy is the decor - wood paneling on the walls, neon lit menu display, simple table and chair set ups matching the straight up menu choices.

Often the best way to try lots on offer in one hit is a mixed plate. We luck into a kebab each of grilled chicken, lamb pieces and adana, as well as a kofta and three falafel. An artful swirl of hummous and a blast of tabouli on the side. The pickle plate is generous and the bowl of toum adds the garlic punch.

The falafel split dilemma - three between two people - becomes even more fraught when we both realise just how good they are. These are crisp outside and fine and light inside, some of the best we've had in a while. There is some horsetrading done to secure a fair share.

For something scoopable, we have an additional bowl of foule, softly mooshed fava beans in an oil and lemon bath. With the soft bread, and the mixed meats and pickles, we are doing all right. We walk out, not waddling, but just right.

This post is brought to you by Lana, a thumpy, chumpy, chonk of a pussycat who lives down the road from us.

Lana is out to claim the 'fat cat' title from Abercrombie Charlie. She's not fat, just festively plump.

El Manara Lebanese Restaurant is at 143 Haldon Street, Lakemba.

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  1. Love your guys attitude and passion, and super happy you showed love to this awesome place


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