18 February 2020

Hong Kong Kitchen ~ Wolli Creek

Broken hearted from the closure of the glorious Ching Yip Coffee Lounge, we try Hong Kong Kitchen in Wolli Creek for our dose of Hong Kong cafe food.

There's a few branches of Hong Kong Kitchen around Sydney. We're enamoured with the Wolli Creek store, particularly in summer when it's indeedy pleasant sitting outside on the large deck overlooking a small park, lots of afternoon shade and a sea breeze. Wolli Creek isn't super busy, but busy enough to sit and watch the world go by.

Stewed beef brisket soup - $11.80. Choose your noodle, in this case macaroni. A gentle tomato broth and lovely mouth melty slow cooked cow.

Baked seafood with rice (or spaghetti) - $18.80.  We have a fetish for Hong Kong baked dishes and this is an absolute corker. It was a risky choice but they nailed the seafood sauce, it's kind of like a Western style mornay with some prawnies and fish fillets. It's oh so cheesy and heartwarming. We'll be doing this again soon.

How could you not order this beauty from the lunch menu - Saddam pork chop rice - $12.80.  A pan fried pork chop in Western-ish style tomato gravy, with steamed rice, lovely runny fried egg and veggies.

There's a slice of of ham hidden beneath the pork chop like Saddam shaking in his bunker.

Fresh tomato and beef with rice - $12.80 (lunch special with tea or coffee). Gently stir fried beef strips and tomato wedges, so simple yet perfect. We often get cravings for Chinese tomato dishes, especially when feeling a little off colour, always fixes us up like magic. It's like nanna made it.

We're big fans of Hong Kong milk tea over ice, it's way less bitter than the hot version. Essential drinking.

We must try luncheon meat and egg sandwich ($8.80) in every Hong Kong joint we visit. This version is disappointingly excellent. In most joints this sandwich is wee snack, here it's a meal. The sambo comes with a big fat fresh multi-egg omellete in thick fat super fresh white bread with the crusts cut off. Yay.

Creamy seafood soup - $9.80. Like the sambo above, the soup is a much bigger than expected. The flavour base is (we think) Black and White Milk, there's chopped up fish and prawniess, croutons and a sweet bun on the side. It's the 1970's in a bowl.

Hong Kong Kitchen Wolli Creek Menu

Hong Kong Kitchen Wolli Creek Menu

Hong Kong Kitchen Wolli Creek Menu - all days specials.

Hong Kong Kitchen Wolli Creek Menu - afternoon specials.

Hong Kong Kitchen Wolli Creek Menu - Western soup specials

Hong Kong Kitchen Wolli Creek Menu - Lunch specials.

Hong Kitchen Kitchen is at 4/1 Magdalene Terrace, Wolli Creek. See information superhighway. Wethinks they also have branches in Broadway, Chinatown and Chatswood.

Hong Kong Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Miss Lana J. Pusscat says hello.

She is upset that we are obsessed with her gloriously fat fluffy belly.

So she asked if we could show her in a more flattering pose. Isn't she dainty?

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