12 February 2020

Thai sweets stall - Chinatown

Chinatown now has a small stall selling Thai snacks for a dollar a pop. Giddy up.

Outside Dong Nam A grocery store on the corner of Ultimo Rd and Thomas St is a small stand selling Thai sweets. It's usually there on weekends and during the day around lunchtime, depending on the weather. Two trestle tables are filled with all sorts of sweet goodness.

The table is filled with plastic packets of sweet treats; sticky rice with custard, red bean and coconut and sweet corn drinks, mango and rice, pandan jellies, banana leaf sticky rice and fried squiggly sweets in syrup.

Fried banana is piled high, brown and crisp and ready to go. Although cold, it still has a great crunch and the bananas aren't too sweet inside, almost a little starchy and plantain like.

Ready packed sweet mango and coconut rice with extra helpings of coconut cream.

But it is these beauties, khanom buang or little crisp crepes, we squeal with delight over finding. They are being made fresh on a hotplate ready to eat. 

Each little hand sized crepe is cooked on the griddle and topped with a swirl of fluffy marshmallow like cream, then folded over for easy eating. Once cooled, the crepe is crisp and light.

One crepe and one banana fritter - a dollar a hit. The perfect post Dixon House Food Court dessert.

The Thai dessert street stall is out the front of Dong Nam A, Corner of Ultimo Rd and Thomas St, Chinatown.

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