03 April 2020

Pochito Chilean Street Food ~ Mascot

As takeaway food is the new normal and going outside becomes a treat, we do our exercise with a purpose and walk to Pochito Chilean Street Food in Mascot.

Pochito Chilean Street Food started life as a food truck, so they have adapted well to the takeaway only rules in place as we write this post. Instead of people going inside the restaurant to pick up, they have made a makeshift counter across the entrance way which makes it easy to order. There's plenty of open space to stand apart from other customers.

The other bonus is the big park across the road where we chose to sit and eat, but you may need to take it home and scoff if you can't find a space or need to move on. You may need some space to eat the Gringo ($12.50), oven roasted pork with coleslaw and fresh salsa. We detected an almost sisig funkiness in the roasted pork, perhaps there's a few offaly trimmings in the roast meat cuts? The coleslaw didn't suffer death by mayonnaise which we also loved, and the salsa was a zingy addition.

The choripan ($9) is a chirozo on the same crunchy roll with loads more of the coriander salsa. The chorizo sausage used here had more of a regular sausage bite, not like the highly cured and harder chorizo you might buy for cooking. There were a couple of very eager kookaburras looking over my shoulder while I was eating this, just waiting to swoop in and snatch my sanga.

Garlic chilli prawn and cheese empanada - not just one cheese, but four go into this empanada. The goey hot cheese spews out when you bite in - be warned! We've also tried the beef ones at home, there's a sweet spice touch in the beef mix we dig, and bits of egg and olive as happy making as finding a coin in your christmas pudding.

Update on these: we bought a couple extra to take home. They froze really well and reheated beautifully, the pastry still crisp and the cheeze gooey! Hoard them!

Lastly, a sopaipillas or pumpkin fritter, a deep fried glory that has an option of syrup to be poured over and giving it that savoury/sweet mix of tastes.

Pochito Chilean Street Food is at 1021 Botany Rd, Mascot. Find them on Friendface here for the latest updates on opening times, delivery and menus.

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