08 September 2020

Crab Noodles at Christies Seafoods, Sydney Fish Market

Another of life's little mysteries solved: crab noodles at Sydney Fish Market.

We spend half our waking lives obsessing over what folks around the world eat, and as much time as we can travelling overseas to eat like the locals. But Sydney Fish Market flips everything on its head - here we obsess over what the tourists eat. In particular, mud crab noodles.

Pre-zombie-apocalypse we always saw Chinese tour groups, usually out the front of Christies Seafoods, hoeing into platters of mud crabs with noodles, but we couldn't see crab noodles on any of the menu boards. Is there some secret code to ordering crab noodles? Is it an exclusive tour group special? We must investigate.

It turns out all you need to do is ask anybody at Christies Seafood for crab noodles, and they will direct you to the back of the shop. Next to the live crab tank there's a little counter with an A4 menu of cooking styles, which helpfully makes no mention of crab. Choose a cooking style, and make sure you ask for noodles, well worth the extra fifteen bucks.

Then choose your crab from the adjacent tank. The boss dude tells us the males are meatier but the females have the roe. We always thought females crabs were sweeter, or is that just what mum told us? (Shawn's mum is a seafood buying super ninja, nothing but the best). Anyhoo, we choose a bloke crab, the one with a packet of Winnie Blue up his sleeve.

Our crab noodles cost us about sixty bucks, then we notice Doyle's has a special for $45. We don't mind, Christies is the original as far as we can tell. Might have a crack at Doyles lobster noodles next time..

We waddle over to Pyrmont for a harbour-side picnic, it only takes five minutes, just follow Bank Street past the tram station and around the point. There's plenty of picnic spots. Now let the romance commence.

We chose Singapore Chili crab because it's nice and saucey, and getting the crabby sauce into the noodles is what makes the magic happen. Crab and noodles are best friends. We were disappointed that the noodles weren't mixed in with the sauce, but it all worked out in the end. We had most of the noodles the next day as leftovers. By which time the crab, sauce and noodles melded into a lovely sloppy super umami bomb. Oh boy.

It's a messy affair but it so worth it. Make sure you bring some implement to use as a crab cracker. We  belted any crab bits that refused to yield with a Coke bottle.

For post-feed entertaiment it's a very pleasant walk indeedy around the Ultimo foreshore.  It's not so crowded around here, at least compared to the Glebe foreshore, it's like one of Sydney's little secrets. Noice. There's s couple of spots for coffee and drinkypoos. You can follow the path right around to Darling Harbour. 

Mr Packer's pecker is almost complete. It's so phallic it even has a nutsack, and dresses to the right.

The only unpleasant part of the Pyrmont foreshore walk is the real estate (and pussycat) envy. 

Christie's Seafood Excellence Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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