15 September 2020

Taste of Nanking ~ Chinese - Zetland

Ah, the golden mile that is Gadigal Ave in Zetland gives it up once again.

Gadigal Avenue runs between Zetland and Waterloo shopping centres and has a bunch of mostly Chinese restaurants, it's been one of our favourite restaurant strips during the zombie invasion.

Taste of Nanking jumped out at us, can't remember going to a Nanking joint before [edit: Shawn has forgotten about Noodle Pot (now closed) and their Nanking style dishes]. That's what we love most about Chinese food, we've been obsessed with it for years and we still find new dishes galore. Enough jibber jabber, in we go...

The fit-out is kinda flash and spacious for a hole-in-the-wall.

Nanking noodle with braised jumbo meat ball in brown sauce - $14.80. Soup with a giant rissole, count us in.

Sadly there is no outside dining for the Covid-paranoid along Gadigal Ave. Such a shame as it is a big wide street with plenty of room for outside tables. But there are a couple of small parks complete with picnic tables. The park behind the main street has a wicked slippery dip, oh how we wish were kiddies again, playground swings were far less fun and far more violent when we were littlies.

Nanking noodle with signature pork intestines - $14.80. Pork intestines have grown from a curiosity to borderline obsession with us, they just have this super umami kick to them, and these are beauties.

Crayfish topping on steamed rice ( or noodle) - $16.80. The crayfish are like sweet little prawnies flavoured with a little chili and Sichuan pepper. The crayfish are delish but it's the pickled veggies that really knock it out of the park. A humdinger of a dish.

Stir fried beef slices with scallion on steamed rice - $13.80. Thin ribbons of beef with those amazing pickled veggies. By the end of the bowl the flavours have mixed through the rice, oh lordy its good.

Traditional duck and vermicelli soup - $14.80. A beautiful clear simple broth with various ducky bits - this is one for offal lovers.

Beef with fresh and dried chili, or something like that - $18.80.  A top notch stir fry, there's nuanced beefy flavours, chili and or sesame oil, and mild fresh chili. The rice was worth admission alone - it must have been tossed in garlic and ginger, served with shreds of bamboo on top and veggie soup on the side. Oh yay.

While we enjoy getting some takeaway and eating in the park, the amount of plastic waste really takes the shine off the experience.

Taste of Nanking menu.

Taste of Nanking menu.

Taste of Nanking be at 1/18 Gadigal Ave, Zetland/Waterloo. It's neato.

Taste of Nanking Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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