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We keep advertising off our site so it is clean and easy to read, though we'd be crazy not to take a up a little precious white space to give our travel bookshop a wee plug...

Used Travel Books Logo is our other travel related labour of love. We stock cheap and rare used travel books of all kinds (including travel food) for fellow travel bugs, armchair and otherwise. We have tons of books that you will never find in the shops for the best prices downunder.

We take multiple photos of all books including back cover blurbs and sample pages so you can leisurely browse. Don't be shy, come and have a gander and tell your friends, and your mother-in-law.

We have been selling books professionally online since 2004 in our main gig, the infamous Army of Nerds on Ebay. Over the years we have developed a great reputation for fast and friendly service. But don't take our word for it: click here to see our Army of Nerds eBay feedback page & 19,000+ 100% feedback rating.

We opened up a separate travel book site to find a home for all the weird and wonderful travel books that are just too niche to sell on eBay. We keep our overheads low and pass the savings on to fellow travellers. We do our best to have the lowest prices in Australia.

All orders are posted within 24 hours and we can post as many books as you like for only $6.90 to anywhere in Australia, even Launceston.

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  1. Hi Shawn

    Paul recommended this site - I'll come back and have a good look & 'like' it on FB for you ... and I have a few travel books ýou can have as well if they suit what you're looking for. For a few years I've been releasing books into the wild via ""

    Jane Oldham


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