26 September 2010

Malaysia Festival 2010 ~ Darling Harbour - Sydney

We drop into the Malaysia Festival at Darling Harbour for some culinary therapy.

Miss Chicken and I are sore and sorry after a big night on the turps seeing the Joy Division show fronted (and very ably so) by original bassist, Peter Hook. An amazing show, a Gen -X dream come true...

What better way to treat a hangover with a feast at the Malaysia Festival at Darling Harbour. Note that huge line at the front of the picture is for the Mamak stand....

Sate master at work.

Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik - $12. Most interesting was the powdery stuff which had dried coconut and fishy flavours; delicious mixed in with the green salad and spicy barbecued chicken.

Roti Jala - $7. Latticed flat bread with curry.

Perfect for sopping up a hangover...

Sirup Bandang Soda - Rose Milk Syrup with a Fizzy Twist - $3. This was super sweet and much appreciated in our critical but stable condition, it was like a milky creaming soda.

A flurry of industry making apam bilak, a sweet pancake filled with nuts and even a little corn.

Apam bilak looked too good not to try.

Apam bilak innards.

100 Plus sports drink - a bargain at $1 per can. Perfect for hangovers.

Next time we'll be like this smart fella and bring our own table\chair set and a newspaper.


  1. looks great. hope to get there next year. some very interesting dishes which I've yet to try. :-)

  2. how crazy were the queues! the apam balik is always a crowd pleaser tho and rats i didnt see the roti jala

  3. Mmm roti jala. The satay skewers look fantastic!

  4. there was a malaysia festival in london this gone friday too, but it was so packed and the stalls kept running out of food. annoyed! seems like you were way luckier than us =)

  5. hehe - we still had to wait in line forever to eat :-)


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