08 September 2010

Singapore Shiok! at Eating World, Chinatown [CLOSED]

We attempt to complete our journey through the menu at our new old favourite, Singapore Shiok! in Eating World food court, Chinatown.


We enjoyed our Indonesian feed at Cafe Joy last night so much that we backup the next night, but alas it has closed early, we assume to celebrate the end of Ramadan. So we head to one of our recent discoveries and instant all-time favourite, the Singapore Shiok! stall in the Eating World food court. See our post for our other visit here.

Hokkein Mee - egg and rice noodles simmered in rich stock with generous toppings of prawns, squid & porkbelly. Served with sambal and lemon. $9.50. This is one of these dishes I saw on menus everywhere in my travels in Singapore and Malaysia and never got around to trying it, I won't be making that mistake again!

Hor Fun - Flat rice noodles expertly fried with distinctive fragrance and smokey flavour. Coated with a thick savoury gravy. $9.50 (with chicken, $1 extra for seafood). We try this dish in honour of my father, Doris (long story). On the first bite the words 'oh my god' slip out of my mouth. The noodles really were expertly fried with a gorgeous smokey 'breath of the wok' flavour, like a really good char kway tiao. The thick, shiny gravy turned this into homely comfort food.  It's very filling and the serving is huge.

Nasi Goreng - Spicy fried rice infused with spices with a fried egg, chicken, prawns and vegetables. $8.80. You can never go wrong with nasi goreng, the picture doesn't show how big the serving is, it's huge. We've ordered way to much food, it's doggy bag time.


A quick visit on a Friday night, man the har mee is still as good as ever. A rich, dark, prawnie broth with plenty of fixin's including the lovely little pieces of fried lardy pork bits that add so much flavour. Yum.

Mee goreng seafood. Stir fried Hokkein noodles in a sweet sauce. Yay.


We tried roasted chicken rice for the first time in Singapore a couple of months age, we fell in love with the stuff. It has a similar texture to the regular poached Hainanese chicken rice but with a bit more flavour oomph. It's awesome.

The roast chicken rice set $11.30 set is Mr Shawn's favourite feed in Chinatown, it's regular chicken rice plus a serve of veggies. The rice is a little lardy from being cooked in chicken stock, but otherwise it's a pretty healthy feed.

The menu has change a little in the last couple of years, and we're reckon there's been at least one ownership or management change, we never see the guys that were here first. But the food is still top notch and in Mr Shawn's top five Sydney feeding holes.

This little place really is something special, if you are into Singapore/Malaysian food then give it try as soon as you can because you never know how long a little place like this is going to be around. Our favourite dishes here is the Har Mee (prawn noodle soup) and the chicken rice (roasted or regular), yum.

Singapore Shiok! is in the Eating World food court, 25-29 Dixon Street, Chinatown, at the top of the mall. Open daily 10am-10pm.  See our post for our other visit here.


  1. Tried the Hokkien Mee yesterday. Not bad for Sydney standard. This is a difficult dish to cook (even in S'pore I feel only a handful of hawkers do it well altho you can find it everywhere) and what they offer is decent enough to hit the spot. My only gripe is they used lemon instead of the small lime (which is difficult to find in Sydney). Will ask for more sambal chilli the next time cos when you mix the sambal into the noodles...it tastes so much better! On to the next dish!!5 down and 4 to go

  2. You're making me hungry Eve :-) You raise a good point - we are often comparing dishes here to the best ones we have had overseas: we often forget that we've had plenty of average chicken rice in Singapore and some downright terrible nasi lemak in Malaysia. Deciding what is 'good' or 'authentic' (we hate that word) is a tricky business.

  3. Thanks for the heads up here! Looks fantastic, and I will go next time I'm down – though I have to tear myself away from the chronic – it's too addictive! I reckon the measure of a good place is how good either the laksa or hainan chicken are – if they get those basics right, the rest will be beautiful...

  4. The har mee is the killer dish here in our bloated opinions. Man I've never been brave enough to try the chronic at Gumshara, maybe I'm a wimp, I see lots of tiny, skinny girls devouring Gumshara soups within the blink of an eye :-)


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