16 September 2010

Mr Fire Chinese Restaurant ~ Chinese BBQ - Glebe [CLOSED]

Mr Fire Chinese Restaurant is a new 'grilled stuff on sticks' place on Glebe Point Road.

nb - Mr Fire has sadly closed :-(

I happened to walk past Mr Fire Chinese Restaurant in Glebe a couple of weeks ago on the opening night. They were giving away samples out the front and I tried a grilled mushroom. One bite and I was sold. Finally we get a chance to come back.

Mr Fire has opened in place of the defunct Glebe Noodle House. They have spent some money on the fitout, it's not flash but it's modern and clean. There's a few tables on the veranda where we plan to sink a few Pearl River Beers over summer.

Mr Fire's party trick is meat and veg skewers barbecued over hot coals. Most items are $4-$8 so the idea is to order a few and get some fried rice as a filler. We enjoyed our meal for two however we thought it would be more fun to come with a group and sample a wider selection of goodies.

Incidentally we are wondering if this Chinese BBQ thing is a new trend. We've noticed Yummy Chinese BBQ has opened on George Street and is quite popular ($35 for all you can eat), and we think there is another bbq joint opening up the road opposite the UTS, and there's also a popular stall in the Eating World food court that does bbq skewers.

Secret Fire Recipe Lamb Skew - $5.80 for 3. Strong cumin flavours with healthy chili hit. The lamb was tender and pink in the middle, just the way I like it.

Grilled Beef Mince Balls - $3.80. Chinese rissoles, yum.

Taiwanese Sausages -$3 each.

Grilled Black Pepper and Garlic Mushrooms - $3.80. Tasty though I think the 'Secret Fire Recipe' mushrooms I sampled on opening night were tastier. But for $3.80 I can't complain, even though I just did.

Cold Tofu Noodle Salad - $6.80. This was sensational. Noodles of firm tofu with red capsicum, green capsicum, black fungus and bamboo shoots. Super fresh with a lovely light drizzle of soy. Yum.

Grilled Eggplant with Chopped Garlic - $3.80. A nice dish in theory but it was undercooked to the point of being hard and chewy. Mistakes happen...

Soup Noodles with Beef Brisket $10.80. This was sen-freaking-sational and a great alternative to rice as a stodge filler.

Mr Fire Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Mr Fire Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Mr Fire Lunch Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Love the duckies.

Mr Fire Chinese Restaurant is at 25 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. That's the Parramatta Road end of Glebe Point Road.

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  1. that little squiggly person-lookalike icon they have means "fire" in chinese =P


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