30 September 2010

Shalom ~ Indonesian - Sussex Street, Sydney City

Makan bagus at Shalom in Sussex Street, City.

We walk into the city in repent for the calories we are about to receive. On the way we visit our pal, Mr Big White Duck, he rules the pond in Victoria Park, next to Sydney Uni. He's been around for years and we've grown quite attached to him. He's a tops duck.

Our plan of attack is to see if the queue at Mamak isn't ridiculous. At 5.30pm on a schoolnight the Mamak queue doesn't quite stretch as far as Kuala Lumpur, it stops just short of immigration at the Singapore end of the JB causeway, so we opt for Plan B, Indonesian at Shalom. It's a bloody bagus Plan B.

I start with a big pink drink, it's super sweet, tastes like a milky creaming soda, it's a little fizzy and has an emergency reserve of condensed milk at the bottom. $3.50. It's weird, but we like weird.

Tahu Gerot - Tofu with Sweet Vinegar Sauce - $4.50. A favourite that we discovered on the street in Jakarta, made fresh on the spot by an old bloke with a mortar and pestle and a bunch of fresh herbs, served in a plastic cup. The thin, sweet, vinegary, spicy sauce soaks into the chunks of fried tofu and eyes roll in delight. This version is good but didn't have that 'street vendor' magic touch, though we'd happily order it again.

Rawon Buntut - Black Oxtail Soup - $11. This dish is always good, this version is good, not a mind blower but still very good. 

Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak - Special Grilled Chicken with Rujak Sauce - $9. When ordering I asked the boss man about this dish and his eyes lit up and said everything I needed to know, this dish is special. This baby has the 'wow' factor we were looking for, lovely smokey chook and a rich, sweet spicy sauce.

Shalom has a few locations that we know of, a couple in the city, one on Broadway and another in Kingsford. Tonight we visited Shalom at 229 Sussex Street, Sydney City. Shalom has many fans, including us.

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