21 August 2011

Hong Kong King's Chef ~ Chinese - Eating World, Chinatown

As the devil-may-care-flying-fools of the food blog world we delve into the deepest, darkest depths of Chinatown's Eating World Food Court to dine at Hong Kong King's Chef.

One of the joys of being food blog nerds is that it encourages us to try places we would normally overlook, such as Hong Kong King's Chef in the Eating World Food Court. The menu is pretty much your standard Chinese stir fry stuff, we call it "Shinese" - shiny Chinese. It's like eating at a suburban family Chinese joint, but at half the price.

Our meals here were nothing to rave about but dang it's cheap and the servings are generous, and they seem to attract plenty of Chinese customers, as well as the 'honey prawns and fried rice' customers. If we explored the menu a bit more we could probably find a couple of real beauties, the whole fish and brisket dishes look worth a shot, and the noodle soups would have to be worth a try. Our stir frys weren't amazing but we'll be back for the $4 greens in oyster sauce for sure.

Egg and prawn on rice - $9.80. The sauce is plain with the egg being only slightly cooked, and the prawnies are stir fried with a touch of garlic. Shawn loves his sloppy Chinese comfort food, it's not exciting and nor is it meant to be. This is the kind of dish you eat when you're under the weather.

Steamed veggies with oyster sauce - $4. Delicious. We'll be back for this. Alison's tip: if you're on a budget, grab one of these and a cheap stir fry dish and with the generous serve of rice provided you have a $12 feed for two. Or just get a plate of veggies and pay a little extra for a bowl of rice - a cheap, filling, healthy feed.

Taiwanese style chicken - $8.50. Simple chicken stir fry.

San Choi Bow - $5.50 for 2. The pork mince is plain and homely but the finely grated cabbage underneath gives it a real fresh lift.

Shredded steak in Peking sauce - $8.40. Super sweet with flavours of ketchup and soy. A rough version of this dish but we can't stop eating it...

Sadly the wonderful New Taste stall has closed down. We were big fans of their hotpots and particularly the amazing herbal soups.

All that's left of New Taste are these lovely clay pots...


  1. I just want to thank you for your blog. I have been visiting on and off for about 18mths now and just love it. I don't visit Sydney as often as I used to but often browse before I do. My husband is down there for a few nights working, so I keep feeding him suggestions from your blog, some I have tried, some I am desperate to. Often I just visit your blog to live vicariously, regional Australia is still struggling to catch up with the diversity of flavours, though slowly improving as many people become more adventurous.
    Thanks again,

  2. Love the opening "As the devil-may-care-flying-fools of the food blog world" - what a great line. And yes, as a blogger, you feel you have a duty to explore the unexplored foods and try things you might not usually try. I can't believe New Taste is closed :(
    But (I hope) at least that their Campsie and Hurstville restaurants are still in operation. In which case, I'll be excited to know what's going to be the replacement - another adventure awaits! :)

  3. Thanks fimum - kind words like this inspire us to keep at it - thanks!

    Jack - I didn't realise they had other restaurants - I couldn't find them on google, would they be called "First Taste"?

  4. Hey Shawn - yeah I think it's First Taste. Did a quick search and these are the addresses I found. I've got a pamphlet of theirs at home too, so I might have to dig around and see if I can find it :)

    316 Forest Road, Hurstville NSW 2220
    (02) 8065 2178
    Open Daily 11am-10pm

    233 Beamish Street, Campsie, NSW 2194

  5. I'll be checking that out - thanks so much!

  6. Shinese is a brilliant word! Another place for great Shinese is the RSL at Kingsgrove, their crispy skin chicken is pretty good too.

    The prawn and egg dish looks good, so gloopy and glossy...and you got so many prawns! Next time I am at Eating World I will branch out and try the other places rather than sticking to Singapore Shiok.

  7. Singapore Shiok is pretty dang hard to beat...


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