23 August 2011

Dean's Diner ~ Aussie Hamburgers - Newtown

We love to document great Aussie street food but only when it's particularly special. Hence we were over the moon to find a brilliant, old school Aussie hamburger near home at Dean's Diner, next to the Sando in Newtown.

With gourmet burgers being all the rage these days a classic Aussie hamburger is hard to find. Fortunately Dean's Diner in Newtown is on the case.

Kudos to the owners who preserved this wonderful old takeaway shop. They've jazzed it up slightly with more pleasant lighting and some retro paraphernalia on the walls, but it still retains that old Greek coffee lounge\fish n chip shop feel. While we eat there's Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood tunes playing, even the music is in sync with the feel of the place.

And we're please to say they can whip up a mighty fine old school Aussie hamburger. The patty is good: flat and not spoiled by that salty meat extender stuff that can kill an otherwise good burger. The onions are sweetly bbq'd, the lettuce and tomato are fresh, and the hamburger bun is soft and fresh with the right amount of sesame seeds on top. And of course beetroot. It has to have beetroot. It is simple food but it takes a bit of love and care to make it just right, and the folks at Dean's have plenty of that. Shawn is very picky about his Aussie burgers and reckons this is near perfect.

For the classic plain burger experience go the "Original Sin" - $6 - and add betroot for an extra 50 cents.

Dean's Diner also does gourmet burgers (we must try the haloumi cheese number) and other stuff but it's the classic Aussie burger that floats our boat. They also sell Wagon Wheels for $2 - the perfect dessert!

If anybody has a favourite joint for an old school Aussie hamburger we'd love to know.

Dean's Diner is at 365 King Street, that's the south end, next to the Sando.

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  2. Now what's the name of that movie where the old Greek bloke tried to lay claim on anything & everything mankind invented?
    I've walked past Dean's Diner a gazillion times and never set foot in the door. Now THAT'S a burger. Fried onion, fried egg, beetroot from a tin. Perfection. Greek or otherwise. There's a place in town called Berkeley Cafe on the corner of Market & Clarence and the burgers are as real as the ones you've had at Dean's. I often have them for lunch - expect to pay about $5 or $6. Great stuff

  3. Berkeley Cafe - I'll be checking that out - thanks John!

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  6. A ‘real Aussie burger’ has Pineapple, tinned beetroot, runny egg dripping out the sides and should be served in a white paper bag by a large friendly Greek guy in a singlet called 'Nick'.

  7. I'd like to hear more evidence as to why the Aussie hamburger is Greek inspired ...interesting theory - although fish n chips anyway seems to be considered a British dish .....and in NZ we call beetroot on a burger a kiwi thing....and trust me there a million fish n chip shops in NZ whereas there not really that many Greek immigrants - most of the chippies are/were W.a.s.p owned.

    I had some horrid old potato scallops from Deans Diner 10 years ago....but I'll have to try the burgers soon. .....2 more classic old school burger spots for ya:
    the Kiosk at the beach @ Cronulla - in front of Northies pub does a really big good one for about $5. ...also the little shop in Kurnell that doubles as Post Office does a great one too for about $5 with tables outside overlooknig Botany bay ...worth the drive -

  8. I find this whole 'orgiin of the hamburger/aussie takeway' quite interesting. I'm looking around any info on it.

    Might make the trip down to Kurnell - thanks!

  9. Skasare vlaka malaka !!!

    It was the Greeks that gave you "Aussie Hamburgers".


    Greek power rules !!!

  10. Demetrios - good article - thanks!

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  12. I am going to check it out. I like a proper burger particularly after being scared financially by the Charlie and Co burger. Apparently Paul's down at Sylvania does a great burger as well.

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  14. If you had horrible scollops from this place 10 years ago you got them from the old owners. Since taking over about 3 years ago these new owners and their staff have created something really special. I had a meal of grilled chicken with taboulie and Greek style potato salad just the other day and it was sublime. These guys rock more than just burgers!

  15. Reminds me of the old Olympia Milk Bar, a time warp from the 1950s. You guys should check it out, it's mindblowing.

    1. Hehe - Dr Death is still going. These's brave folks survived a milk shake there: http://rainbowtatt.com/inner-westie/we-survived-the-olympia-milk-bar-in-stanmore

    2. Here's a nice radio doco too: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/360/olympia-milk-bar/2993872


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