07 August 2011

At Thai ~ Eating World Food Court - Chinatown

We return to our food court spiritual home of Eating World for Chat Thai, we mean At Thai.


While we constantly rave about Dixon House Food Court, Eating World is our spiritual home, pretty much where our obsessions began. It's a happy place to be on a Friday night. It's packed!

At Thai replaces Zabza Thai Cuisine as the token food court Thai joint, and seems to take some inspiration from the wonderful Chat Thai. This can only be a good thing. The range of dishes here raised our eyebrows, the menu is mix of crowd pleasers plus a few Chinese-Thai street food classics that stray a little outside the norm.

#22 - Egg noodles with crispy pork - $9.90. The lovely fatty crispy skinned pork belly, dry thin egg noodles and sweet gooey sauce is well balanced with the fresh greens.

#37 - Hung-Lay Curry (pork only) - $10.90. A northern inspired dish, google tells us it has Burmese influences. The pork is fall-apart slow cooked and the sauce is sweet - really really really sweet. We noticed we were given a little portion of vinegar - we wonder if this was to cut the sweetness of the dish. We don't know but it worked a treat. You can also grab a little container of chili infused vinegar from the traditional Thai big four of chili, vinegar, sugar and fish sauce - but don't add more sugar!

Unlike some other food courts, Eating World still has proper cutlery and chopsticks which is very much appreciated, none of that disposable rubbish here. The airline cutlery gives us little jollies.

Taro spring rolls - $4. These weren't quite as crispy as we'd hoped for, and the taro inside is soft and dense.

Deep fried tofu - $4. Yay. Crispy to a T and silky inside. Served with a little cup of sweet chili with peanuts on top.

BBQ Pork - $9.90. Tastes of Chinese style BBQ pork with Thai garlic and pepper flavours. Double yum.

Fried fish in Thai salad sauce - $10.50. A whole freaking fish for $10.50, how freaking good is that? Fried with a crispy skin with salad, peanuts and Thai herbs on the side, with a salad sauce of fish sauce, sugar and vinegar surrounding. This is the best whole fish we've had in all our food court adventures. They serve him upright like he just swam through a vat of boiling oil. Top marks for presentation. Other fish options included a sweet Chili sauce, Garlic and Pepper or Basil saucs (which we would try next).

On our way home we notice the queue for Mamak is stretching way down into the mall, while around the corner Maccas is pretty much empty. It's a wonderful world.


Back for a whole fried fish in chili and basil - $10.50. Looking around this one of the most popular dishes in the foodcourt. So tastey and such good value. It's even got some deserved kudos in Kylie Kwong's Guide to Sydney food courts.


Pha prik king ($10.90) - is Miss Chicken's favourite Aussie-Thai dishe - stir fried crispy pork belly in red chili paste, but this one doesn't get her excited.

Papaya salad and bbq salad - $10.90. Papaya salad is nice and fresh and made as hot as you want, a nice contrast to the stir-fried pork.

Our feed here was ok but it's the whole fish dishes that are the standout here. Mr Castro J. Pussycat of Darlington, who we met on the way in, wholeheartedly supports our 'fish is better' theory.

At Thai is at Shop 205 Eating World, opposite Singapore Shiok.


  1. Poor old Macca's! That fish looks pretty damn tasty - I wish it would swim up to my house...noms.

  2. We secretly love maccas, don't tell anybody...

  3. Macca's Chinatown Menu Items.

    $5.00 Mc Pho
    $15.00 Mc Yum Cha
    $7.00 Mc Ramen
    $8.00 Mc Chicken Feet
    $16.50 Mc Sushi
    $6.00 Mc Fried Rice
    $15.00 Mc Peking Duck (Authentic Recipe)
    $6.20 Mc Char Sui with Cheese Burger
    $2.30 Mc Goubuli

    Sounds good to me.

  4. the deep fried fish looks superb!! in comparison with the one at yummy thai @ sussex which one would you recommend I try??

    1. It's been a while since we tried the whole fish at Yummy - a great reason to go back! The novelty of the upright fish is good, and I think the bottom doesn't get as gluggy as a flat fried fish. It's cheaper at At Thai as well.


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