11 August 2011

Masaka Japanese Dining - Broadway / Ultimo

Masaka Japanese Dining on Broadway reminds us very much of some diner style restaurants we tried in Japan, which is kind of a backhanded compliment...

Masaka is a nice place to take a breather: it's modern, clean and comfy. And we loved the music: super happy terrific J-pop. The vibe takes us back to several diner type joints we visited on our first trip to Japan, it makes us happy.

Masaka's food also reminds us of these diner style joints we tried in Japan, there's a wide choice and the quality is neither great nor bad. The side dishes were good. The ramens looked much better than they tasted, but that's to be expected. Great ramen only comes from places that specialise in it. It's the kind of dish that works best prepared in bulk and hence needs a high turnover. Perhaps we would have been wiser ordering the hotpots which seemed popular.

Masaka isn't the kind of place to make a special trip across town for but it's an ok choice if you happen to be in the area and hungry. While there's better food options along this strip, Masaka is a great option if you're after somewhere clean, comfy, and reasonably priced. It's well insulated from the noise and grunge of Paramatta Road, the staff are nice, and the music is super happy terrific. It's a cheerful place to be. Oh, and the $3.50 beer special has been running for quite a while now...

Ox tongue beer stew - $5.80. The booze took the edge off the ox tongue, and the sesame seeds finished it off well.

Deep fried soft bone chicken - $5.80. Tempura chicken bones - we had to try it, we're glad we did. Alison reckons the 'bones' are the sternum, you know, the white pointy chewy bit left behind on a chook carcus..

Miso butter corn ramen - $11.

Chashu ramen - $11 - tonkotsu soy flavour, topped with extra pork.

Masaka is at 163 Broadway, Ultimo - phone 02 9281 2668.

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  1. Have you guys tried the new Japanese in Illawarra Rd, Marrickville? It is OK, as you say in this review nothing to cross down for but if you want a bit of sushi or ramen locally it is great.

    I think it is also BYO.

    the Marrickville "food court" is still looking like a morgue.

    Pho Bac refurbishment and I think re-naming has been a bit disappointing. for some reason the broth on their superb pho has become a little oily.

    Great blog, makes me wish I worked in town near Chinatown.

  2. Didn't know about that one - will have to give it a whirl - thanks!

    Yes, the food court likes like a white hephalump.


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