09 August 2011

Chinese Dumpling & Noodle House ~ Kingsford

Saturday morning Chinese dumplings (but no noodles) at Chinese Dumpling and Noodle House at that bottomless well of choice in Kingsford.

It's Saturday morning around 11.30 and we've held off breakfast to stuff ourselves with dumplings. We've chosen to come to Kingsford for a catch up that can accomodate a pram and easy parking for my brother, and this area wins on all counts over Chinatown. Walking past this place often on the way to Pinangsia Noodle House or Kaki Lima, it is great to finally try.

We waited a little while for the food to come out, and realised the kitchen wanted to cook everything so it arrived around the same time. We thought this was quite a nice touch. The waitress thought we had ordered a lot and gave some helpful suggestions when things seemed to be ordered that were same-ish.

Shallot Pancake $5.80. The pastry for this pancake was nice and light and not too greasy.

Meat filled steamed dumplings, not filled with broth as hoped but a great size to stuff in your mouth in one go.

Pan fried northern style dumplings. I took one bite into these and promptly shot the juicy sauce inside all down my top. Ah, the sacrifices.

Steamed northern style dumplings, about $8. Sometimes these baskets of dumplings seem endless, the value of a dumpling fest is always great.

Fried Pork Beijing style with pancakes. The pork was saucey and had little chopped pieces of noodles through helps pad out the meat but adds some nice texture as well. The pancakes were large so you could really serve up a large helping of the pork and then dunk the lot in chilli oil. As per the unwritten rule of Chinese restaurants - there's always far more filling than pancake.

Pan fried duck flavour dumplings, the dough on these was quite chewier like steamed buns, and they were much bigger than the rest of the dumpling choices. You didn't need too many of these to fill up quickly.

There was a full house by the time we left around 1pm, with a bill around $53 for four and a half people. There were plenty of families with youngsters in there scoffing noodles and dumplings and a table of clean business shirted guys ready to be splattered with dumpling juice.

Chinese Dumpling and Noodle House is at 323 Anzac Parade, Kingsford. Phone (02) 9662 0158.

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