19 August 2011

Rumah Makan Immanuel ~ Indonesian - Ultimo [CLOSED]

Amazing Ayam Lunak - fried chicken with soft, edible bones - and more at Rumah Makan Immanuel Indonesian, Ultimo. We visit three times in three days...

[Closed, now Willis Canteen]

Rumah Makan Immanuel is a squeaky clean and cheerful little Indonesian hole-in-the-wall joint in the backstreets of Ultimo. The lovely folks that run this place are from Sulawesi, so there's a few not-so-common dishes on the menu, along with the usual Indonesian classics. This quiet spot is a pleasant alternative to Chinatown for an Indo fix - there's plenty of parking (2 hours) around here too.

Ayam Lunak - $7.50 (breast or thigh). The chook is slow cooked then deep fried. It has been cooked so long the bones are edible and indeed quite tasty. I'm not really into fried chicken but the first few mouthfuls sent me into food nerd heaven. All hardcore fried chicken fiends should give this a try. You can also try this dish (and a duck version) at ATL Marantha in Kensington.

Sayur asam - corn, long beans, nuts and savoury jackfruit in a sour soup $5. I was unsure at first but won over by the end of the bowl. The broth is sweet and sour, tasting of tomato and tamarind, and ever so slightly permeates the fresh corn-on-the cob - yum.

Empek Empek - Indonesian fish cake in a sour and spicy sauce - $7.50. This dish has become a favourite of late - fish cake wrapped around a googie and swimming is a sea of sweet soy sauce with a gentle chili kick, lovely side snackage.

Sop konro - Makassar City Recipe - beef rib soup - $8.50. A lovely beefy, sweet dark soup with some hunks of beef on the bone. Classic Indonesian, just what I was hoping for. Nice to have a noodle-free soup for a change.

Back for a third visit in three days...

Nasi Uduk Complete - $10, from the specials board. Lovely light coconut rice that's good enough to eat on it's own, with fried chicken, boiled eggs lightly fried and topped with chili sauce, mystery meat and veggies in a sweet tumeric dressing. Yum.

Tempe goreng - $3. Fried fermented soybean, an Indo classic.

Ayam Panggang - Indonesian marinated flame bbq chicken - $6.50. Juicy chicken thigh (or breast) smothered in a sweet, gooey kecap manis sauce.

Es Cendol - $4- the gorgeous caramelised\burnt flavours of palm sugar mixed with coconut milk and fun green jelly worms.

Back again February 2013

Soto ayam - $8.50. The classic tumeric flavoured Indonesian chicken soup. Yay. We have another crack at the Ayam Panggang, but we wish we got the Ayam Lunak, which is standout dish here we reckon.

Ruma Makan Immanuel Menu

Ruma Makan Immanuel dessert menu. I was busting for the banana wrapped in green sweet batter topped with shaved ice and syrup... but no room in the tum...

Rumah Makan Immanuel is at 197/392 Jones Street (02) 9552 2145, Ultimo.

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  1. You know, she happily muses, I don't think I have had Indo food in Australia...yet. Wouldn't mind indulging.

  2. They are closed on Mondays! How unforunate! Was having a strong craving for fried chicken. I miss my Nasi ayam from lucky plaza in Singapore. Amazing fried chicken made by an adorable old mak chik. It's a well kept secret by those who work around Orchard Rd. Tried to go to Kopitiam at Ultimo but they were closed today too....finally nursed my bad luck with char kway twos from Singapore shook. Sigh....another day then....that ayam has my name on it

  3. Doh! We should put the opening hours in....

  4. I caught that ayam! Yum! It reminds me of grandma....the turmeric seasoning of the chicken and the nice sambak. I love the gado gado but what made me most happy was the packet of emping crackers..... An acquired taste cos it's bitte but it taste oh so good. Didn't like the tempeh as much as when it's fried with ikan bills and sambal. Man, now I am missing the Nasi ayam from home as well as the Taiwanese chicken chop with sour plum and chilli powder. Mmmmm...as well as chicken wings from ikea. Ok ok....I am food crazy

  5. Tempeh with ikan bilis and sambal - i like the sound of that!

    I've never heard the term mak chik - is that like the wonderful Singaporean auntie?

  6. Yes Tempeh and sambal is a match made in heaven.
    Yup mak chik is the Malay word for auntie....usu older adorable malay auntie that wants to feed you copious amount of food

  7. I want a mak chik - and chicken wings from Ikea!

  8. My friend's auntie owns this restaurant. They are from Makassar, one of the state in Indonesia. Next time if you want to visit, try 'coto Makassar'. It's a traditional soup in Makassar.


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