12 August 2011

Fried Dumpling King ~ Taiwanese - Sussex Centre Food Court [CLOSED]

We try the popular new Taiwanese stall, Fried Dumpling King, in the Sussex Centre Food Court, Chinatown. [CLOSED]

We've got our 'L' plates on when it comes to Taiwanese food, we don't know that much about it, but dang we love it. Every Taiwanese joint we have visited has been quite different, which makes it so much fun. Hence we were very happy to see a new Taiwanese stall appear in the Sussex Centre Food Court. There's no English signage but the place is called "Fried Dumpling King", it's in the very south-west corner, opposite the the Woree BBQ Korean Stall.

This particular spot is possibly the toughest spot to do business in, it's kind of hidden away, but Fried Dumpling Kings seems to be doing quite well, often busy even during the quiet times of the day.  Come to think of it, most Taiwanese joints around town seem to do quite well, it's the quiet achiever of cuisines. Perhaps one of these days Taiwanese will hit the mainstream, and we'll see overpriced Taiwanese fusion joints in Surry Hills. In the meantime, it's our little secret.

Side dishes laid out and labelled on the counter, a nice touch. The sides are either 2 for $5 or 2 for $8 depending on your choice.

Side order of eggs and tofu with chili - this is divine.

Taiwanese kimchi - it's sweeter and less spicy than Korean kimchi - yum!

Stinky tofu $5.80 - fried silken tofu with sweet soy sauce inside. It wasn't smelly but it was delicious. Served on a gold disco plate with more Taiwanese kimchi on the side.

Taiwan railway lunchbox - $12.80. A bit of everything with rice.

Cute little soup and tea cups. Kudos for the warm, sweet lemon tea, a nice touch.

Traditional Taiwanese Noodle Soup - $9.80. A nice clean simple broth with a lovely hint of star anise, possibly five spice, with fried pork chop and veggies.

Shawn likes his dinner so much he comes back for lunch the next day for Braised Pork Rice - $7.80. A big hearty bowl of rice with lovely sweet pork, Taiwanese kimchi, lightly cooked beansprouts, a googie and a pickle. Excellent.

We're back for a third visit this week....

Fried dumplings - $6.80. Tasty and most interesting - lightly fried and translucent, nice and moist with pork inside and sweet soy on top. Yummo.

Special Dry Noodle - $7.80 - boiled noodles with braised pork and veggies. Delicious.

Spareribs in herbal soup - $9.80. Big pieces of pork on the bone in a dark soup with very strong herb\star anise flavours. This might be a bit strong in flavour for some but we love it.

You gotta get in and chew the meat off the bone. Our carnivorously-challenged niece wasn't having any of it.

Menu - click to enlarge.

Menu - click to enlarge.


  1. "Think Maeve O'Meara, not Masterchef "
    Does "Think Gordon Ramsay" earn me any brownie points?

    Oh I worship Maeve O'Meara. I'm so infatuated with her. That is one hell of a lady. I simply love her.

  2. Ooooooh this place sounds yum. Will definitely be checking it out.

  3. Stinky tofu!!! How I love this stuff. And the dumplings - they look great. I am so going to have to check this place out!

  4. LOVE the banner on your blog Jack :-)

  5. hehe thanks Shawn! I love this blog that you and Alison have created - it's one of my daily reads :)

  6. Tried the railway bento box to have a go at a bit of everything. I love the braised pork with salted veg. That smoky taste is awesome. It reminds me of one of my face dish, meicai kourou...salted veg and braised pork belly. The chicken chop is different from what I know but not too bad. Again, silly me shod have gone to the Taiwan Festival at darling harbor last Sunday I think. Ooooh the fried dumplings was yummmm


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