01 September 2011

ATL Maranatha ~ Indonesian - Ultimo \ Central [CLOSED]

Fried chicken fans rejoice - ATL Maranatha's famous soft boned chicken is now available in the city. -ish.


Slap us if you've heard this before but ATL Maranatha has opened up a new restaurant in Broadway\Ultimo. ATL is famous for their amazing soft-boned chicken - cooked so long the bones are soft, edible and delicious. The boss tells me his wife is running their Kensington restaurant while he runs the Ultimo joint. The new joint has been up and running for a couple of months. The boss is happy that it's larger than the Kensington joint. It has a modern, clean, student canteen feel.

Shawn drops in for a bit of ayam bakar - soft boned chicken in a sweet sauce  - $8. It is still a bit fried but not as hardcore as the full on fried chicken (or duck) - love it! $8.


Bebek Bakar Manis - grilled softbone duck in sweet soy sauce - $8.

Slow cooked duck, that's all you need to know.

Bakmi ayam jamur - chicken noodles with mushroom - $8.

Soup with bakmi ayam - pour it on or have it as a side.

Soto Jarkata - beef soup with coconut milk - $12. Like beef rendang mixed with a laksa, yum. Lots of slow cooked beef at the bottom, love the crunchy chips on top.

Love the DIY ordering - write down what you want on the supplied pad and give it to the lady. No confusion, no worries.

ATL Maranatha Menu

ATL Maranatha Menu

ATL Maranatha is at Shop 96/732 Harris St - Phone 9281 7879. Open 11am-10pm. Also at 61 Todman Avenue, Kensington. See our post on the Kensington joint here. And if you're into soft boned chicken also check out Rumah Makan Immanuel - in the backstreets of Ultimo (plenty of 2hr parking).

ATL Maranatha Ultimo is in a funny spot, it's in a little alley accessible via Harris Street or Broadway via the Taragon arcade - turn left and go down the stairs.

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  1. YUM! :) Thanks for the tip-off re Rumah Makan Immanuel too. I thought the bones would be like the bones in sardines, but they're kind of oddly soft. Apparently they use a pressure cooker to achieve the effect? (http://www.spreadmybutter.com/at-maranatha/)

  2. I am soooooo happy I need not travel out to get my fix. Had this last night. Unfortunately the ducks werent ready yet. Settled for the ayam goreng telur asin. Not bad. Like the salted egg. Shall have to try it straight up to compare with immanuel's had the tahu telur also. Sadly this was not the fluffy tower of fried egg and tofu that I know. I have always felt the tahu telur was the indon equivalent of the cantonese yam basket. Sigh...shall have to wait til I go home to indulge. Or maybe I should have gone go Darling Harbour for the Indonesian festival to search for good food.

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  4. I agree - I think the edible bone is more than a gimmick - it has a nice flavour and texture.

  5. I swear there's an ATL -something resto in an arcade in Ultimo near UTS, near Miyama japanese noodle joint.

  6. Alas that's the one in this post, it has closed but the signs are still up at the entrance to the arcade last time I looked.


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