14 September 2011

Phuong Special Vietnamese ~ Eating World Food Court - Chinatown

Our world eating tour of Eating World food court is complete with a great $6 banh mi meal deal at Phuong Special Vietnamese.

We finish our tour of Chinatown's wonderful Eating World food court with Phuong Special Vietnamese. How special is Phuong Special Vietnamese? They have there very own door and can be closed off from the rest of the food court. Now that's special!

Phuong does a great range of Vietnamese rolls, Vietnamese rolls and Vietnamese rolls. And if you don't feel like a Vietnamese roll, you can have a banh mi instead. There's also Vietnamese tea and coffee, hot and cold. For a super cheap and healthy lunch you can grab a salad roll for $3.50, or get carnivourous with pork, chicken, or meatball rolls for around $4.50. Vietnamese rolls are scarce in this part of town so we're very happy Phuong is there.

The roll and drink specials are a great deal.

Pork rolls with iced Vietnamese coffee - $6. It's a good banh mi and the iced coffee is Southeast Asian style - plenty of ice and super sweet. Yum.

Eating World Food Court is at 25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket\Chinatown.

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  1. I used to love coming to this place when I worked in the city and rembrr the past original owner, an older lady, who would always ask "chill?" I think they still do a good roll and those specials, especially with iced coffee, is as good as you get in places like Marrickville or Cabramatta!

  2. Would that have been the same folks I used to by lovely little hunks of pandan cake off? If so, I still miss them :-)

  3. SO if your journey of eating world is complete, what next ?

  4. Next on our journey we are tackling the rest of Sussex Centre and Market City, and as always look for more ideas. World Square, Capitol Square are some ideas and wherever we can find food lurking under the radar.

  5. The ice coffee here is my (cheap student) afternoon pickup, so nice!

  6. $2 for an iced coffee - that's pretty hard to beat!

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