16 September 2011

Faheems Fast Food ~ Pakistani - Enmore

We've been in the trenches of Chinatown's foodcourts so long that it's great to take some Pakistani R&R at Faheem Fast Food in Enmore.

Faheems Fast Food in Enmore (the suburb next to Newtown where all the cool people live) is one of our all-time favourites. Faheem's Pakistani cuisine has been a hit with Pakistani folks and Newtownians for as long as we can remember. It's
the type of place that can be whatever you want it to be - quick feed, takeaway, pre show dinner, family get together or a friend is up from Melbourne and we need somewhere to eat. When the Ginger Ninja calls, a curry and naan fest beckons.

The naan at Faheems is quite a drawcard. We notice many Pakistani folks forgoing rice and cutlery, instead getting a couple of naans to scoop up their curry, plus a meaty side-snack from the tandoor.

The naan is always cooked fresh to order in the tandoor, and delivered straight to your plate, there's no sitting around going dry in a bainmarie. The naan is always fluffy with dark crispy baked flaky bits for texture, and after a couple of pieces we don't get that yecchy sickly sweet taste aftertaste that we get from naan in some other joints.

Tandoori chicken half - $9.50. There is a mild chili kick to the paste. The thigh piece is much moister than the breast piece. The tandoori fish is also a big hit here.

Sheek Kebab - minced beef marinated in ginger, garlic, fresh coriander, skewered and cooked in the tandoor - $10. Pakistani rissoles - yum!

Lamb Biryani - $12 - ' delicious combinationa of lamb and basmati rice. Traditional hot spices with garlic, tomatoes and yoghurt cooked in Pakistani style.'

Shawn has never had proper biryani before and this blew is feeble little mind - the rice is so light and perfectly spiced, the slow cooked lamb is worth fighting for. It was so good he forgot to take a photo, and Shawn never forgets to take photos...

Haleem King of Curries - $12. This is a mix of four different lentils slow cooked with beef until it all becomes mush. The crisp fried onions and fresh coriander and ginger shreds lift the mix. This is especially tasty when scooped up with Kashmiri naan, the sweetness of the sultanas adds a new dimension of flavour.

Chicken vindaloo - $11. Ginger wanted something hot. While this had some heat it wasn't the super hot vindaloo some folks would be looking for. The chicken pieces were moist and generous. For the full Faheem experience we recommend trying the Pakistani curries rather than the standard Aussie-Indian crowd-pleasers.

Beef Keema Mattar - $12 - Peas and beef mince cooked in a fresh ginger & garlic, oriental herbs. Billed as a traditional hot Pakistani curry, this was more like a Pakistani bolgnaise, thick and hearty. The freshness of the peas were a lovely contrast to the beef, delicious.

Brain Nihari - $12. I don't know why I have a craving for brains, but after trying them at Banoful in Rockdale I need more. The brains are mooshed together in the sauce so they become a thick gravy, and there are several large hunks of slow cooked beef that shreds apart. The green chili's and lemon squeezed on top give an extra touch of flavour.

This sign in a street nearby might explain why brains are on the menu a number of times. BRAAAAAINS.

So good we went two nights in a row... We'd go a third but we're missing our Chinatown foodcourts already...

Faheem Fast Food is at 194-196 Enmore Road - phone 9550 4859. Open till midnight 7 days a week. Opens 5pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends.

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  1. Wow, this food looks absolutely amazing! I am glad there is no such restaurant nearby here otherwise I would weigh 2 tons! I do wish I could have easy access to some good naans though...I haven't had any luck trying to make it at home.

  2. Ate there last night and had a great time… not being a huge offal fan I found the Brain Nihari a bit challenging, but my wife loved it. The Sheek Kebab was amazing, but they'd ramped up the chilli in the batch we had, and we definitely needed the soothing sweetness off the excellent mango lassis. This place really reminded me of one of my favourite London haunts, the Lahore Kebab House in Whitechapel, so a great night all round.


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