01 September 2011

Super Chef BBQ ~ Chinese - Market City Food Court, Chinatown

Super Hong Kong style goodness at Super Chef BBQ in Market City Food Court.

In Hong Kong, Chinese BBQ is good cheap food for the people, and so it should be here too. At least one Chinese BBQ joint in town jacked it's prices through the roof after a celebrity chef waggled his ponytail there. So for a quick cheap Chinese BBQ fix we like to keep it real and hit the food courts. Super Chef BBQ in Market City Food Court is a good option if you're after some roast chook, duck or swine at reasonable prices (around $9.50 with rice). They also do a few stir fries and a couple of wacky Hong Kong cafe numbers for good measure. And they're one of the few food court joints that does congee. Bless their cotton socks.

Salted chicken with rice - $8.50. Lovely steamed chicken and plain rice, with a drizzle of sauce and some ginger and shallots. The perfect healthy lunch.

Handmade noodle with hot and sour soup - $8.50. A lovely thick gravy-like broth that magically gets thinner and soupier as you get to the bottom. The broth as a mildly tangy sweet & sour flavour. List of ingredients: everything - all kinds of chopped meats, veggies and tofu, we could imagine a Chinese nanna making this on a Sunday night. Add Tsingtao and all food groups are covered.

The noodles are thick and hearty. We'll be back for this one, it's a hunger buster.

Pickled vegetable and shredded roast duck rice noodle - $10. A fancy-pants rice noodle. It's simple, tasty, and there's plenty of it.

Super Chef BBQ is one of the few Chinatown foodcourt stalls that does congee, it's pretty good too. We go the pork and preserved duck egg - $7.50 - with deep fried bread for dunking - $2.50. Also available in seafood and roast duck flavour.


Roast duck on rice - $10.30. They roast their own duck on the premises, it's a good-en.

Village chicken - $9. Chunks of chook in a mildly spicy sauce tasting of tumeric and star anise. Very well cooked and easy on the oil, we liked this a lot. The nice lady asked if we would like it on or off the bone, we went with bone for more flavour.

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  1. Wow, looks like a good discovery. Will put it on the must try list.

  2. The noodles in the hot sour soup is my hands down favourite in market city food courts. Ive had it multiple times, always a winner :)

  3. It is a bit of a classic isn't it...

  4. The congee here is yum! It's cheap and huge! The you tiao is good too. Will break an egg into it when I do take away. That shod add another yummy dimension to it. I remember when I was a child, we used to bring raw eggs to the hawker for them to add into the dishes; be it char kway teow or mee goreng or congee! Too bad that practice faded away.

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  6. Oh EdF - at least you picked some of the cleanest loos in the city!


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