17 September 2011

Fukien Fishballs at Soya King Kitchen ~ Chinese - Eating World Food Court

Lucky food find of the week is Fukien fishballs from Soya King Kitchen in Eating World food court.

While chowing down in Eating World recently we noticed Soya King Kitchen has a special sign up for their Fukien fishballs (or did that sign say fuken fishballs, I think it did?)  Most of the sign is in Chinese so we couldn't figure out what the big deal was, so we just had to give them a try...

Turns out these golfball sized fishballs are filled with meat (Chinese rissoles - yay!). They are $1.50 each, just tell the nice lady how many you want, and they will serve them up in a simple, clear Chinese broth.  A bowl of five fish balls is only $7.50 and is plenty for lunch. The soup has no noodles, so it's particularly good if you feel like something wet and non-carby. Highly recommended.

Google tells us these are also known as Fujian or Fukian fishballs, and are quite a regional speciality. We've never seen these before, we're wondering if they're hard to find around town or we just didn't know to look for them...

Back again in December 11 for soya chicken - $8.50 with rice. Poached chicken thigh in a dark, lightly flavoured pool of soya sauce.

BACK AGAIN JUNE 2012... Had to order this because of the unusual name Yunnan Cross Bridge Noodles - $10.50 with duck (or fish, lamb, seafood or chitterlings). A large bowl of soup packed with rice noodles with mushrooms, lettuce and shallots. It's quite plain on it's own but nice with the duck on the side.  Comes with a whole maryland of roast duck. Amazing value.

Soya King Kitchen is in the Eating World Food Court, 25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket\Chinatown.

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  1. Oh you guys just made me very very happy. Fish ball soup is one of my favourite comfort food. I remember when I was in Sydney during my undergrad years, I often ask my mom to buy bat 20 Teochew fish balls for me to have when I return to Singapore. I prefer Teochew ones cos it's pure fish paste and when done right there is a bounce in the bite. The Fuchow ones are meat filled.... And can be equally tasty if done right too, the meat should be so moist and juicy that you can a burst of meaty juice when you bite into one. Mmmmmmmmmm......I am so getting this for dinner.

  2. Teochew fishballs - we'll be looking out for those too, thanks Eve!

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  4. Yeah these are great, have been back for them...


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