14 November 2011

Golden Fang ~ Chinese Malaysian - Chippendale

We hadn't been to Golden Fang for years until one of our readers suggested we try their lemongrass pork chop and cumin lamb. So we did. And went back twice. Thanks Sophie!


Golden Fang may sound like a joke name for a Chinese Restaurant, but it really exists, and it's 100% glorious.

There is such a nice vibe here, it must be family-run. The wait staff are heartwarmingly lovely and the chef is such a dude. Now and again he pops out of the kitchen to survey his happy diners with pride. Give him the thumbs up and he grins from ear to ear. We love Golden Fang to bits.

Deep fried pork chop with lemongrass - $13.80. Like a Vietnamese fried pork chop.

Beef with cumin - $13.50. Stir fried and easy on the spice, we had visions of a drier version of this northern style dish but it went down well all the same.

Sliced fish in hot chilli - $16. A huge serve that comes out in a lasagne dish. Generous chunks of basa fillet swimming in oil. It's not high in chili heat but it's mouth numbingly spicy with lots and lots of Szechuan peppercorns. The waitress put it succinctly: "It makes your mouth crazy!"

Mixed vegetable & vermicilli hotpot - $11.80. A nice mix of greens in a thick, plain sauce with glass noodles underneath. This dish went perfectly with the fish chili hotpot above. We copied this combo from the wise folks at the next table.

Tofu and preserved egg - $4.50. We were expecting a square chunk of tofu with a black preserved egg on top but it came out all mushed up, it was like a Chinese potato salad. Served cool.

Chicken with peanuts - $13.80. Another dish sprinkled with mouth numbing Szechuan peppercorns, but nowhere near as hardcore as the fish hotpot. Another huge serve, we got a couple of meals out of this.

Small chinese brocolli with oyster sauce - a very generous serve for $4.50. The large must be huge. Highly recommended.

Steamed pork with red bean curd sauce - $12.80. Lovely hunks of fatty pork is a sweet sauce given extra punch fermented soy beans, excellent.


The Fang is still Fangin... Good food, cheap prices, big serves.

We order some roast duck and get half a bird for about $15, awesome.

Then we get about half a pig for about $10.

And half a forest of Chinese brocolli with ginger for $10.

14 steamed pork dumplings for $9. Nuff said.

A served of chilled fresh oranges, gratis with every meal.

Golden Fang is at 10 City Road Glebe/Broadway/Chippendale. Next to the Landsdowne Hotel. Dig it.

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  1. I heart Golden Fang - you guys had such a good variety of dish. Think I'd avoid anything that would make my mouth go crazy though!

  2. They have a decent cold chicken dish with a hint of the stuff making your mouth crazy as well. (I don't remember the name, but it's one of the starters on the white A4 menu where the fish is.) Highly recommended!

  3. The shan dong chicken looks good as well, there's a lot of treasure on that menu!

  4. well cry me a river i could go some sliced fish in chilli right bout now

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  6. We like it - quite salty - the one at Golden Fang (or Neil Perry's Spice Temple) is a good one to try as the egg flavour quite mild.

  7. somewhat tangentially: have you tried the Thai place just up city rd from here? Herb and Spice, I believe it's called - I'm a new fan :)


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