02 November 2011

DY Sizzling Hotpot ~ Chinese - Central \ Broadway

Daylight savings is here and our beer-ological clocks kick in. Yikes. What is it about an extra hour of daylight that turns us into alchoes-in-training? We don't know. But we do know that DY Sizzling Hot Pot has the same magical beer-soaking properties as the kebab.

There's something about this place that makes us feel like we're in China: the decor is purely functional; it's full of Chinese folks; and there's six lanes of traffic outside. The food is filling, spicy and oily by design. We've  been a couple of times and fallen in love with it...

Our first visit is after a night on the turps. The turps get even turpier as we discover DY Sizzling Hotpot is licensed. Woohoo! Tsingtao beers are a sweet deal at $5.50 each. Plus there's a small, lethal range of Chinese rice wines\spirits on offer. This top shelf $8 bottle of moonshine is the kind of stuff that village folks all over Asia like to offer us, then giggle as our throats burn and eyes turn purple. This stuff will make a man of you, even if you're a lady. It will give you wisdom. It will give you a hairy tongue. It will make you ready for din dins...

Cumin lamb ribs. Spicy morsels of lamb to be sucked off the bone..  Don't wait for Neil Perry to re-create it and charge $50 for it, grab it here and now for only $10.50.

Alison takes a mystery punt on this dish from the menu on the side with no English translations. It turns out to be cold noodles with tastes of sate, sesame and soy. $6.50.

Another pick from the Chinese mystery menu. Cucumber with chili, sesame and chopped peanuts. $5. Cold cucumber dishes are a refreshing accompaniment to almost any dish.

....We're over the moon with our first feed. We return a couple of days later to give it the 'sober'' test.

Twice cooked pork - $9.90. Served sizzling. Joy.

Sweet and sour eggplant - $9.50. A darker, richer type of sweet'n'sour than we expected. Double joy. Shawn secretly loves sweet'n'sour but is too much of a wanker to admit it.

DY Sizzling Hotpot Menu - Click To Enlarge the picture, and your mind.

DY Sizzling Hotpot Menu - Click To Enlarge

DY Sizzling Hotpot Menu - Click To Enlarge

DY Sizzling Hotpot is at Shop 1 849 George Street Sydney / Central / Ultimo. Phone 9280 2812. This shop adjoins Asian Express.

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