17 November 2011

Yummy Thai ~ Sussex Centre Food Court ~ Chinatown

There's thirty-odd perfectly decent Thai joints near our home in the inner-burbs. So why would we walk all the way to Chinatown to eat Thai in a foodcourt? Because it's Yummy, mummy.

Yummy Thai does your standard Aussie stir-fries as well as anybody else. What makes the joint special to us is the dozen or so Thai street food classics on the menu that are hard to find elsewhere. We we see a lot of Thai folks eating here too, always a good sign.

Rad na with seafood - $9.90. A gravy thick soup with a good handful of prawns, plenty of lovely crispy veggies and fried flat noodles. Rad na is like the love child of a char kway tow and Singaporean lor mee. Glutinous, filling and delicious.

Boat noodle soup with beef - $8.50. Beef (or pork) and mystery meatballs in a lovely, rich beefy soup with clear noodles. It's twice the price but also twice the size and a little bit sweeter than our usual favourite boat noodle soup at Chon Siam.

#49 - Ba Mee Moo Deang - BBQ pork on egg noodles - $8.50. Moist, warm, Chinese style bbq pork with a drizzle of sweet sauce on top of egg noodles. Delicious.

#7- Garlic rice with steamed chicken - $8.50. Lightly fried riced with lovely, plain steamed chook on top. We're a bit addicted to chicken rice...

Dipping sauce for steamed chook - a little sweet and chili hot with vinegar and lots of fresh grated ginger.

Glass noodle salad - $10.90 - loads of fresh salad in a mildly spicy, sweet light dressing. The glass noodles underneath soak in all the flavours. Aroy mak mak!

Fish set - $14 includes a whole fish, a substantial plate of rice and a small bowl of tom yum soup. Bargain! We we went for chili and basil flavour, it was sweet and peppery. There's lots of flesh on these food court fishies when you fight for it. We could probably find a similar fishy back home in Newtown, but certainly not for $14 with soup and rice...

Tom yum from the fish set. A few sliced shrooms and a good sour tang in the soup, a good mouth cleanser for the crunchy fish.

Stewed pork leg - $10.90. This is Shawn's favourite... Lovely rich pork in a dark, sweet five-spice\star anise flavoured sauce, served with fresh and pickled veggies, a googie and rice. Brilliant.


Pad kha moo na krob - $10.90. Stir fried crispy pork belly with a touch of white pepper and a sweet fishy sauce. Yumo McJumbo. Shawn saw all the veggies in the photo and thought he was ordering something healthy...

Yummy Thai is in the Sussex Centre Food Court is at 401 Sussex Street, Chinatown. Head up the escalator and boogie woogie.


  1. I must admit i always ignore sussex centre and market city foodcourts due to their perceived 'cleanliness' and choose to dine at dixon house or eating world instead. your last few posts have got me thinking otherwise now!

  2. I used to live in BKK. I long for stewed pork leg ...


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