06 November 2011

Saigon BBQ ~ Vietnamese - Homebush West

Earlier in the day we were at a pokie club called Tradies Gymea, which sounds like a venereal disease caught on building sites, so we didn't eat there. Instead we end up at Homebush-West...

We've seen this nifty strip at Homebush West from the train and thought it was called Flemington, being near Flemington Station and markets. We've been busting to get to this spot for quite some time, so it's a happy accident when we arrive here by mistake, thanks to a wrong turn at Albuquerque. It's great spot with a handful of Vietnamese hole-in-the wall joints, plus a couple of joints from India and surrounds, a great looking Malaysian joint, and a couple of Chinese places for good measure. Homebush West is a small but lively place even on a stinky hot Sunday lunchtime. We get little 'travelling at home' thrills.

We pick Saigon BBQ for lunch as it has the grooviest, old school decor. The food is incredibly cheap with most dishes being around the $8-$9 mark.  No wonder it's packed. We were lucky to get the last table.

Strong Vietnamese coffee and red bean, avocado, coconut Vietnamese slushy - around $3.50. In our travels we have found the Vietnamese to be the supreme masters of the icy drink.

Pork Rice Noodle Soup - $9. A clean, simple broth with thick spaghetti sized noodles, some hunks of gristly pork on the bone and some mystery piggy bits.

Pork chop egg noodle soup - $9. Sometimes the body wants a refreshing, healthy, re-hydrating noodle soup while the brain wants some deep fried protein naughtiness. This dish does both, it's Homer and Lisa Simpson all in one. Plain egg noodle soup with token veggies and fried pork chop on the side, woohoo!

Saigon BBQ (Saigon Pho on their street sign) is at 8/90 The Crescent Homebush West, near Flemington Markets.

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  1. Ooo, I'd hate to catch Tradies Gymea...itchy! I spy jellied pig's blood in the top mystery pork soup...far out!

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  3. I secretly reckon Alison orders offal just to gross out the more carnivorously challenged amongst us...

  4. EdF - don't you Canberrans have your very own Tradies in Dixon? Maybe you should hang around there in a short skirt. My memory is shady but I'm sure Tradies used to have 100 varieties of schnitzel, and you could eat them in a tram.

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  6. That funny huh, I love food

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  8. Hehe, I can't remember them being particularly good or bad, I just used to think it was funny :-)

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