28 November 2011

Motto ~ Japanese ~ Sussex Centre Food Court, Chinatown [CLOSED]

Our world tour of the Sussex Centre Food Court takes a mid-flight dive at Motto Japanese... [Closed]

Motto ('more' in Japanese) is one of those joints that does that kind of ok-but-it's-not-really-Japanese kind of food. Our feed was well cooked and tasty for what it was, but for the same coin you can get the real deal at the most excellent Kimama Kitchen at Eating World.

Chicken katsu bento - $10.50. A chicken schnitzel with mayo and bbq sauce on top, served with some stir fried glass noodles, seaweed salad, rice and some lettuce with prawn cocktail sauce. Side order of miso soup.

Unagi don - $11.50. Grilled eel on rice with onions and red capsicum, with side order of miso soup. Does the job, quite sweet.


Agedashi tofu- $4. The crunchy skin is a nice surprise, could do without the mayo though.

The plastic food displays perhaps over promise on the final result. My Unagi don looked nothing like its shiny plastic cousin. Can't fault the friendly service though.

Motto is at the Sussex Centre Food Court, 401 Sussex Street Chinatown. Head up the escalators and into my dreams.


  1. Ha, Ha, Ha, Imitation Japanese#
    Thank you for reporting how many fake Japanese restaurants are run by Koreans in Australia.
    The Chinese letter next to 'MOTTO' is read as 'MOTO' in Japanese and does not mean 'more'.
    Using red capsicum for Unagi-don is typical sign that a certain chili-pepper-holic people cooked it.
    As you noticed, the Japanese never add Mayo to Agedashi-douhu.

  2. On the subject of Japanese consumption, I could do with some advice.

    Given my Polish heritage I really enjoy drinking vodka straight (with a chaser). Given the opportunity I also drink pure spirits or OP rum straight (a chaser is mandatory or I'd end up killing myself).

    Given what I have written is there a Japanese alcoholic spirit that is consumed in a similar manner. If so, can it be bought in Australia?

    I ask this because recently I tried a "Chu-hi" in a Japanese restaurant. Apparently it primed with "shochu" and I thought to myself that shochu on its own might have some potential.

    See: http://epicureanfantasies.blogspot.com/2011/11/tasuke-japanese-canberra-cbd.html

    Rather than buying Japanese grog by trial and error, I'm seeking guidance.

    Any suggestions on what I can buy in Australia?

  3. Hehe - I'm obsessed with chuhi as well. We found some shochu in a a new bottle shop in Market City in Chinatown, right next to the super market on the first floor. It was a bit pricey though. We're looking around for some cheap stuff... Maybe online is the best bet, here's one joint... http://www.sakeonline.com.au/items/shochu/

    BTW we had high-end sake the other night, it was a lightbulb moment...

  4. Good prices at: http://www.sakenet.com.au/

    Considering 1.8L bottles !!!


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