25 April 2013

Chubby Girl's Bunz ~ Chinese - Ultimo\Broadway [CLOSED]

Chubby Girl's Bunz must offer the cheapest student lunch on Broadway, soft filled buns for $1.50 and noodle soups for the more cashed up. Get some Chubby Girl Bunz Power!


When you enter the store, there's a certain element of confused busyness at work here. There's different signs and menus on the walls and hanging from the ceilings. Sometimes when you order you feel like you are disrupting the magic bun making process, but the noodle makers and bun shapers are always ready with a smile and happy to take your order. Sometimes you have to peer through the hot ovens holding the buns to make an order, or talk over a high counter to get your noodles but you'll get served and you will be happy.

The space is small inside, only room for a few at the three tables. Don't come along with a big crowd. Takeaway is also available, even on the soups. Strangest of all is the sharing of an entrance with a  massage parlour out the back.

The buns in the name come in a wide range, we've tried the cumin lamb a few times. There are vegetable, beef and pork options as well. Try them with a soy milk either warm or cold from the fridge.

There's vegetarian options, the egg and chives are a good choice for a quick breakfast bite and for dunking in rice porridge.

These buns have to be one of the cheapest options for a student lunch along the Broadway strip. At only $1.50 each they are cheap, tasty and filling.

The noodle soups here are a surprise package. We love the name of the soup "No proper translation yet. Let's make it Chubby Girl's Special".

At top, Pork Meatball Noodle Soup and at bottom, the nameless special. A good plain broth topped with boiled egg, tomato and greens and either spicy meatballs or a salty dark mix of porky bits. You can add some chilli to the broth if you want to spice it up.

Sour Chilli Beef with handmade noodles $9. Under the pile of fresh carrot, capsicum and cabbage are some tender pieces of beef brisket in a spicy soup. The noodles are handmade and dense with a mix of widths and a good chewy bite.

Rice porridge with lean pork and bits of preserved egg, a breakfast of champions for only $4.50. Add a little swirl of soy for some saltiness.

The usual trio selection of vinegar, soy and chilli to add for extra flavour. You can also get fresh chopped chilli if you want it.

There's a more comprehensive menu now available, with more dishes than you'll see on the walls around the shop. The noodles seem to have gone up to $9 now, not the $8.50 on the other signage still on display.


Bean paste noodles - $9. These guys do fantastic noodles, made on the premises with a wonderful chew to them. The boiled noodles are topped with salty pork mince and fresh veggies. Very filling. Highly recommended.

Chubby Girlz Bunz is at 141 Broadway, Ultimo.

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  1. Walked past here many times but unfortunately never when I'm hungry - I've been meaning to try out the buns here for a while now! I did laugh at the name when I first saw it open :D

  2. The name of this shop always cracks me up -- chubby buns for chubby girls...has my name all over it!

  3. Which side of Broadway is this on? The Central Park side or the UTS side?

    1. It's the UTS side, at the bottom of the hill south of UTS.

  4. I've been meaning to stop in! Will do next time I go by.

  5. What a bargain!! $4.50 for congee!! Must stop by.
    Loving the name lol

  6. I love the buns here. the fillings are very great too as well as the soup. Great to come by always.

  7. had a bun or two before, over a year ago. great to see they're still there! good buns too.

  8. The no name special noodles says: pork and veg noodles!


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