11 April 2013

Daily Fresh ~ Hong Kong Dumplings - Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown [CLOSED]

We usually overlook the humble dumpling in favour of fancier things on the menu. But when our mission to document every food court stall in Chinatown brings us to Daily Fresh, we are given the choice of dumplings, dumplings or dumplings. Dumplings it is.


We are far from experts but the dumplings here taste alright to us, nothing earth shattering but we are reminded of how wonderful a simple lunch of boiled piggy in pastry can be. We wonder how on earth the recent dumpling craze passed us by.

Daily Fresh has only six items on the menu (it's mainly a drink joint), but the dumplings are handmade on the premises by exceedingly lovely folks, including a super tops auntie. Your order may take a few minutes to cook, which is like hours in food court time, but a bit of wait means good fresh food.

We've had dumplings in some pretty fancy places of late, including the famous Guangdong Restaurant in Guangzhou, yet it's a humble food court drink stall that gets us all excited about dumplings again. Next visit we'll go back Oriental Dumpling King to try their wares...

Hong Kong pan fried dumplings - $6 for 10 pieces or 16 pieces for $10 with a can of soft drink. Mr Shawn accidently orders the 16 pieces meal deal which is a huge lunch, it's enough for two. Love the pan fried crispy bottoms. Hot juice spurts as your teeth pop the dumpling skin, aim at mother-in-law.

Hong Kong prawn steamed bag dumplings and Hong Kong crystal prawn dumplings, both $5.50 for four pieces. The 'steam bag' dumplings are like minced prawn'n'pork dim sims. The crystal prawn dumplings beat the dimmies hands down, simple prawn dumplings are a personal fave.

Hong Kong steamed mini pork buns - $6.80 for 7 pieces or 10 for $10 with a can of drink) are lightly spiced porky dumplings wrapped up all purdy. The wrappers have a slight chew to them which Mr Shawn really digs, like al dente pasta, some folks may prefer them softer.

Hong Kong BBQ pork buns - $5.50 for 4 pieces, or $10 for 8 pieces with a can of drink. The buns are lovely and soft and light but the porky innards are very sweet, dessert sweet.


The menu has expanded with the some really interesting looking dishes, which the boss says are from Central China. They are cooked by a super tops Auntie, she takes a fair while to get the dishes out but she has a great cooking style, it's worth the wait. We especially love her peppery soups.

Fried smoked tofu with sliced pork ($12.80). A strong and spicy dish, best shared.

Meat ball soup with quail eggs and peas - $9. A big bowl of plain peppery broth with some pork mince rissoles, tiny googy eggs with the added goodness of peas.

Spiced egg dumplings with rice noodle soup - $9. Big fresh dumplings in egg wrappers in a big bowl of plain, homely, peppery broth.

Steamed pot chicken, Yunnan style - $10.80. Another big bowl of peppery soup, this one is our favourite. There's lots of chicken bits, goji berries, prunes and a mystery stick of something. It all goes together wonderfully.

Daily Fresh is the in the the first stall on your right as you walk down the corner stairs at Dixon House Food Court, Corner of Dixon Street Mall and Little Hay Street, Chinatown.


  1. Wow really good prices for what seems like awesome dumplings!

  2. Looks like a pretty nifty little joint, great value too from the looks of things. I've been overlooking this place in favour of the other stalls in Dixon House but it seems I might have to give it a try :)

  3. Hey guys, checked this place out with a couple of mates for lunch today. It was great


  4. This place now seems to have dishes other than dumplings now. Havn't tried them but just letting you know! There's also a new Thai place where the old Thai place was.


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